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One of the most controversial books today that you may want to read is Yuval Noah Harari‘s Homo Deus pdf. It’s the second installment of the bestselling Sapiens and now is shaking the present belief of the modern man. Sapiens may have talked about the past and history of man who revolutionized agriculture, Homo Deus discusses about how and to what direction are humans heading to. Just try to imagine how life was 30 years ago and then go forward 30 years from now. What an amazing and unimaginable technological advancement will there be and how does this affect us?

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari pdf is really thought provoking and highly controversial text. Also, it talks about the sensitive topic of how people place themselves as having dominion over animals and how we brutally treat them. Although a lot of readers of the Home Deus pdf feel that Yuval Noah Harari deliberately emphasized this is because he is a vegan and suggesting a lifestyle shift for everyone.

Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus : A Brief History of Tomorrow is a book worthy to read to let us imagine and explore what the future brings for us humans. Today, numerous scientific breakthroughs and advancement pave ways to enable us to live longer, healthier, and stronger. Also to upgrade or elevate our position as a specie to become “gods” – to strive for divinity or immortality.

So what do you think? Are you now ready to read Homo Deus book? A lot of intellectuals are reading the book are critical about the points that Yuval Noah Harari has laid before all readers. Yes I know that you are looking to read Homo Deus pdf but I highly recommend you get a legitimate copy of the book by purchasing at Amazon or other online bookstores. All Ebook Downloads also provides you a link to buy or purchase Home Deus book written by the bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari. But before that, you may want to check out some of the Homo Deus reviews we gathered both from Amazon and GoodReads readers and reviewers.

Home Deus Book Reviews

I do want to quibble with some numbers that Harari proposes. He writes that the one billion cars owned around the world could be reduced to 50 million, if they were jointly owned and operated autonomously. People could share rides. However, people want to commute to work in cars all at the same time. They sit in parking lots at work and at home because people have no need for them during work hours and overnight.

But this is perhaps a minor point in Harari’s argument. Many people will pooh-pooh much of what Harari has to say. But, it is all extremely thought-provoking. I have just scratched the surface of this book. I highly recommend it to all open-minded people who are not afraid to think a bit differently about the meaning of life, about our political structures, and the future.

– David

This book reads like the author read a number of popular science articles, watched some sci-fi movies, attended a transhumanist meetup, got just a bit high on weed and then started writing.

– Andrej Karpathy

Harari’s new book explores the dimensions of the marriage between man and machine. He basically paints a dystopian vision of the future where humanity is by and large subjugated to non conscious intelligent machines. He even entertains the idea with the rise of brain-machine interfaces, where today’s elite class of human beings would upgrade themselves to a biologically improved version of humans, which the general mass couldn’t possibly afford for their lives. This would create a real caste system with real biological hierarchies.

After reading Harari’s previous book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, I must say that I am a bit disappointed with this book. Much of the book is reiteration of the previous book which seemed to me largely redundant. However, although this book is not as articulated or entertaining as the previous one, it is probably more important, considering the topics it deals with.

– Safat

Why Read Homo Deus PDF Book?

Essentially, it’s the best pick if you want to explore what the human brain has done and is able to do. People and computers will become one and trans-humanism is the most sensible direction that we are going through. Culture will change and a system of societal hierarchy will be emphasized where the rich and smart upgraded human will be set apart from the masses. Yes I know that you are excited to read Yuval Noah Harari’s Home Deus book, I highly recommend that you should buy the book.

But anyway if you want to check what Homo Deus book is about and the other details of it, you may click the button above this post. And if you already read Homo Deus pdf book by Yuval Noah Harari, then we welcome you to put your review of Homo Deus at the comment section.

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