Women Who Work Ivanka Trump Book Download

Women Who Work Ivanka Trump Book Download

Women Who Work Ivanka Trump Book will surely be another great reading for all empowered women. It tells about how women should have the right to make their own choices – right choices for themselves and for the people and things they care about. This is a spot on book not only for women but also for men. Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump is inspired from the letters she received after starring in “The Apprentice”. She realized that a lot of young women are asking for guidance on career shifting, starting a business, or building company. This Ivanka Trump book is a must read for all women.

Ivanka Trump Women Who Work will surely be a great hit and portion of the royalties of the said book will be appropriated for the foundation to help women and girls. So if you want to read Women Who Work Ivanka Trump memoir, then you just got to the right place. You can get any book you want as we occasionally post best selling books of course including Women Who Work book. But before anything else, I strongly suggest that you try to check the following Women Who Work Review by verified purchasers and readers from Amazon. So here are the reviews and check out Women Who Work pdf by Ivanka Trump.

Readers’ Review on Women Who Work Ivanka Trump

In an earlier Ivanka Trump incarnation, she posed as a pin-up-girl-make-believe construction worker, pretend- manning a jackhammer, assuming a sultry look, with high heels, a barely-legal swim suit, and her body oiled for emphasis. In Women Who Work, Ivanka begs for attention with an equally illusory cartoon, a superhuman career woman, selflessly dedicated to pathfinding for all sisterhood. This book reads as an inert, shameless ploy to ride the Trump name and promote the Trump brand.

Perhaps the first problem with this tortuously repetitive and insubstantial book is that the author (or authors; one Ivanka tweet indicates Sarah Warren as co-author) fails to deliver the promised hard-won insight. Example pearls: purposeless meetings waste time, research before negotiating, check references before hiring, be aware of your biological clock if delaying childbirth. Does anyone with the competence to put on shoes consider these nuggets of profundity? All is delivered with prose which teeters between tedium and flouncy condescension, not infrequently lapsing into inanity i.e…”I diversify my own information bias.” “Architect” is a verb (10 times); “mission” is used 64 times, and “passion” or “passionate” 182 times.

– Sue

While reading Ivanka Trump’s new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, I was reminded of an episode of The Simpsons in which the residents of Springfield have just listened to a charismatic self-help guru (and skillful huckster) and are rushing to buy his books. As she watches the stampede, Lisa complains, “This is madness! He’s just peddling a bunch of easy answers!” Carl, passing by with an armload of books, enthusiastically replies, “And how!”

When I heard the (mostly) negative coverage that greeted the release of Women Who Work, I was curious to see if the book was as bad as people claimed. I was also determined to judge Ivanka’s writing on its own merits and ignore the fact that, IMHO, her father’s presidency is the political version of a sewage spill.

Needless to say, I was not impressed. Women Who Work is the literary and philosophical equivalent of Laffy Taffy. No kidding, I’ve read pop-up books that contained more insight into the human condition.

– M.D. Couturier

I challenge ivanka to leave her life for 1 year, become an employee instead of an heiress with infinite resources at her fingertips, make $60k or so a year in NYC and have to play the game the normal way. And then maybe, and only maybe, she may have a point of view that has any relevance or holds any interest to those of us women who came by success the honest, hard working, losing sleep at night, making ends meet, even raising amazing young women as single mothers, getting home loans and on and on. The audacity that she thinks she has any prespective to share is an insult to every woman who’s lived the real truth of making it from scratch. Read her book, NO THANKS

– Raven Zaki

How To Download Women Who Work Ivanka Trump

Despite of the poor reviews from almost any book review website I have checked, one may still want to get hold of the copy and read the whole Women Who Work book. Then this is your chance! Just hit on the green book download button to get started. You should be able to open a new page that displays the details of the download. It should include the title which is Women Who Work, Ivanka Trump as the author, the book size, book format, and other details. This Ivanka Trump book may be one of your favorite books and it’s great you are about to read it now. Ivanka Trump Women Who Work book can be downloaded by logging in through Facebook or your email account to be able to read Women Who Work Book by Ivanka Trump.

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