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The Whole 30 pdf Melissa Hartwig Book Download

You might be looking for some healthy recipe that will help you manage your weight and overall health. Then The Whole 30 pdf by Melissa Hartwig is just the right book for you. It offers a 30 day diet plan that will help you trim down your weight. Included are 30-day meal plans and healthy recipes without sacrificing taste and goodness of the food. Melissa Hartwig is a bestselling author and a certified sports nutritionist who is well respected and loved.

For someone who is looking free meal plans, I personally suggest you try the Whole 30 meal plan pdf instead. Sometimes, free meal plans for 30 days aren’t designed to be safe and are written by any random guy pretending to be a guru. What I like most about this Melissa Hartwig book in the Whole 30 snacks and Whole30 meal recipes is that it is scientifically designed and used by many athletes.

Well some people however feel that the Whole30 pdf by Melissa Hartwig is just too strict to follow. Failure to do even one of the Whole30 diet plan suggests you to start over again from day one. That is one tough discipline to follow. But as for me, it is a must. You got to have some discipline to follow the Whole30 diet plan book. Aside from the strict regimen to follow of the Whole 30 pdf, others are complaining that more of the recipes aren’t as tasteful as the comfort food that they are used to. Some can’t stop having some cheat days and can’t exactly follow what’s in Whole30 recipe and the Whole30 meal plan.

Whole 30 Book Review

This book is exactly what I have been looking for. Instead of trying to keep track of all the continual debates on diet, the authors have created a plan for you to find out what works best for you (as well as what makes you feel like junk.) The 30 days were difficult, don’t get me wrong, but it was so empowering to resist my cravings! I sleep better, have a better mood, lost weight and fat so now I look lean and muscular! (Confession: I used to work out everyday but once I started the program I didn’t have enough time to exercise so no, I didn’t reach these results from hitting the gym; it’s all about food.)

It is a lot of work and a lot of time spent in the kitchen so I recommend that you wait until the time is right for you. You should give the program 100% effort and if you are too stressed, busy, or just don’t have the time to make all of this homemade food you will probably get discouraged and fall off track. But if you think you can fit it into your life, get a support group together and start right away, it will change your life!

– Alisha

I am drawn to nonfiction, health books in particular. I like reading them and I have read quite a few. First, I loved the voice of the author. It felt personal but pointed, which I appreciated. I liked that it felt she was sitting across the table.

Overall, the diet aspect felt extreme. For normal healthy people, I don’t see the need for this, (even after hearing the pitch). This book felt like it was geared more towards those who are experiencing health issues on a wide scale, and who want to see change. I also have gone through the cookbook. The pictures were beautiful and the recipes looked tempting.

– Donna

I can’t tell you if The Whole30 is a healthy choice, although the Hartwigs give plenty of reasons why it is. What I can tell you is that I’m glad I did the 30 days and will hopefully eat better having done them. My hsuband and I did it together which was definitely helpful.

The Whole30 rules in the most basic form are easy to understand. YES: Eat meat, seafood, eggs, vegetable, fruit and natural fats. DO: Do not consume sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes or dairy. Do not consume baked goods or “treats.” Do not weight or measure yourself. I know it seems pretty restrictive, but like they say, “keep in mind that the Whole30 was intended to be a short-term reset and learning experience, not a permanent plan.”

– Carol Evans

Who Should Read The Whole30 Book?

You. For people who who hardly can manage their weight and yet are determined to do a major makeover – The Whole30 Diet book by Melissa Hartwig is perfect for you. Let me tell you that this book has strict Whole 30 diet regimen that is tough and too strict to follow. I personally once tried Ketogenic Diet in the past combined with intermittent fasting and I dropped at least 6 pounds under 2 weeks. It probably won’t work to some body types and I suggest you need to go for a checkup to see if you got underlying ailments.

For eight control of total weight loss and management, the Whole30 pdf might just be the perfect book for you. But before you will reading or getting a copy of the book – please bare in mind that you should get the book legitimately. We highly respect the work of the author and her publisher so a little penny will not hurt if in return you’ll get the best of your health. So what are you waiting for? Check out more about the Melissa Hartwig’s The Whole30 : The 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom.

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