What If by Randall Munroe

What If by Randall Munroe

What if by Randall Munroe is book full of fun but serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions. It attempts to answer “almost nonsense” questions based on scientific facts. It’s like baking cake with vanilla ice cream. So what do you expect of this book? Both kids and adult will surely love this book!

A phenomenal book not only for the nerds but for all wanting a no-nonsense comical relief of today’s cat-dominated internet. The book What if by Randall Munroe is a perfect gift for people of all ages. The website alone is even very entertaining and how much will the book contain? Personally I am a huge fan of Randall Munroe and xkcd. This book by Randall Munroe will surely be loved by many readers like me.

If you want to get a free copy of What if by Randall Munroe, then just hit the huge green download button! Make sure you grab a beer or popcorn so the entertainment will be complete. Go get it while it’s hot!

Readers’ Review on What If?

About half (51%, according to the book, which seems about right) of the questions answered in this book are original, and have never been posted on the xkcd what if? website (https://what-if.xkcd.com/).

Even though I’d already read the other 49%, I re-read them and was glad I did, as Munroe has added a few things here and there; plus, this stuff is just eminently re-readable. It’s the perfect combination of irreverent, rigorous, technical, and fascinating. I look forward to every new “What If” (he posts them each Tuesday or Wednesday) and am always delighted to read the latest.

Even if you’ve read every “What if” ever posted to the website, this book is still for you – it’s especially for you! This is a great way to enjoy older questions and answers over again, updated, and to share them with new people, and the new questions and answers – never featured on the website – are delightful; I won’t spoil it for you, but my favorite has to be the answer to “If a bullet with the density of a neutron star were fired from a handgun (ignoring the how) at the Earth’s surface, would the Earth be destroyed?”

– Richard North Jr.

At first it might seem dismissive and reductive to call anything “a bathroom book”, or a “waiting room” book, (when was the last time you saw a book in a waiting room, anyway?) but unfortunately, this is the appellation under which most “factoid” (or light humor) books must labor.

However, were you to relegate this amazing book to your WC, despite the number of flushes you hear in a day, there would always be a line.

In the case of “What If”, this tragic location it is a far cry from what is deserved by the quality of writing, the subject and sense of humor herein. While obviously not having narrative, story or continuity, it has a greater consistency than could be called a topic- humor. OK, two. Humor and patience. Three: Humor, patience, and some amazing research.

A disclaimer from Randall Munroe: “I am a guy who draws pictures on the Internet. I like it when things catch fire and explode, which means I do not have your best interests in mind.”

– palealien

I expected What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd, to be an entertaining read. But its fun and knowledge value far exceeded my expectations. One of the best non-fiction books I have read in a long, long time, What If? is a book of science, humor, comics, reference, comedy and trivia. It is an informative and enjoyable as the author has delightfully mixed fun with the hard stuffs which make it almost impossible to put it down.

– the ReviewNotes

How To Download What If?

What if there is a way to download the book What If by Randall Munroe? Well I am not bound to give you a scientific answer but a simple yes. You can easily download Randall Munroe’s What If book in this website. Just click on the big green download button and it should bring you to the main download page of What If by Randall Munroe. The main download page Randall Munroe’s book contains the title, author, file size, and the gray download button. Let me remind you that a short survey is required before the download will begin. Start your download now so you can read What If by Randall Munroe ebook immediately.

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