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It’s the most anticipated fiction book by Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn can now be yours! If you were able to read the previous Sarah J. Maas books in the past, then the Tower of Dawn book is your next must-read. Many are so excited to read the Tower of Dawn ebook and expecting that the story would be about Aelin but it was for Chaol Westfall. many are arguing that this is by far the best work of Sarah J. Maas in her Throne of Glass Series. So what the Tower of Dawn really all about?

The brave and ever loyal Captain of the Guard – Chaol Westfall was spared to death by the King of Adarlan but left his body broken. All of his men died and slaughtered like stock pigs since the Glass Castle shattered. He has to get to form and seek recovery from the legendary healers of Torre Cesme which is in Antica – the stronghold of the southern continent’s mighty empire. With wars emerging upon Dorian and Aelin back home, Chaol and Nesryn should convince the mighty rulers of Antica to make allies with them so that they can be saved. But there is more that what they have discovered at Antica, and it is more that they previously thought to save Erilia.

There are more books in the Throne of Glass Series but I am sure that this will one of your personal top reads. Sarah J Maas Tower of Dawn is truly anticipated and many readers have had mixed reviews about the said book. Some didn’t like the book cover at all and saying that it feels like it’s 1990 and a Game of Thrones cover copycat. Others as well think that there is too much sexual content in the Tower of Dawn way more than being categorized as a Young Adult book. The Tower of Dawn book by Sarah J. Maas is receiving a lot of criticisms and yet still getting even more popular every day! Anyway I know some of you are looking for Tower of Dawn pdf download, don’t worry we will point you where you can get what you want – legally. So you don’t have to worry where to download Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas by now. But before that, why don’t you check out the Tower of Dawn reviews by some of the readers from Amazon and GoodReads?

Readers’ Review on Tower of Dawn Book

The cover is the UGLIEST THING I’VE SEEN and I am not even surprised because hello,…. its SJM and she doesn’t give a shit about her male characters if their name doesn’t start with ‘R’!

– Zoha

I was dismayed when I found out that this would be about Chaol instead of Aelin. I was so dismayed that I didn’t even remember the release date. I received a notification that my pre-order had been down loaded and hunkered down to read. More out of a sense of duty than anything since I read all of Sarah’s books the day they are released. This book was beyond anything I have imagined. I loved it. It kills me to wait a year in-between these books but it is worth it. Read anything by this author and you will not be disappointed.


I am SO HAPPY with how this book turned out. I was excited for this one because I’m open SJM trash and will read anything she writes. But, a huge part of me was scared because I wasn’t sure what she was going to do in regards to Chaol’s injury.

I could not be happier with how SJM handled it. There were moments I was nervous – but keep going. It’s worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever given a 5 star rating to a book where the main character has a disability because it’s almost always AWFUL. In fact, there was a long period of time where I never even bothered because I knew all of it was bad. The fact that I gave this book 5 stars speaks a lot.

Beyond that – I was still super happy with it. I loved Chaol’s emotional journey, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Yrene! Nesyrn had her own storyline which was wonderful! And there are definitely some plot points you’ll want to read about before moving onto the final book! I think this was one of her best and most well thought out books yet.

– Emily

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