The Zookeeper’s Wife Book Download by Diane Ackerman

The Zookeepers Wife Book Download

I’ll not be surprised if you’re looking for The Zookeeper’s Wife Book download by Diane Ackerman. The Zookeeper’s Wife movie will soon hit your local theaters but I highly encourage you to read the book first before watching it. It’s a story of courage and love despite of the raging holocaust during the regime of the Nazis across Europe. Jan and Antonina Zabinski hid and saved hundreds of people from their demise by putting them in empty animal cages at Warsaw Zoo, Poland. Diane Ackerman wrote The Zookeeper’s Wife in great details re-creating it with careful research and study. I’d say its not just any book about World Ward 2 and the Nazis – it’s a must read!

If you want to get The Zookeeper’s Wife pdf or epub formats, well you can in this website. Zookeeper’s Wife Book can be download in two formats namely pdf and epub in just one download. You just just hit the green book download button above to get started. There are other similar books about WW2 war settings but I guess at the moment, nothing yet compares to Zookeeper’s Wife Book.

Although there may be no way for us of giving you The Zookeeper’s Wife Summary, we have several book reviews of it taken from verified Amazon readers and buyers. I think this should be enough for your basis why you should download and read The Zookeeper’s Wife book. Please do check some of the Zookeeper’s Wife book review below.

Readers’ Review on The Zookeeper’s Wife Book Download

The Zookeeper’s Wife, a true story set in Warsaw, Poland at the onset of WWII, is both horrifying and endearing on a scale I’ve not experienced in years. Antonina lives with her husband and small son in a villa on the zoo grounds. They are extremely knowledgeable about the animals in their care; each one with their individual quirks, and all loved like family. The zoo is well ahead of its time in providing natural habitats for its residents. Laid out like a lush garden, it’s a world famous showplace, a haven for both people and animals. Then the Nazis come with their tanks and bombs and total disregard for life. Drunken Gestapo agents shoot animals in their cages for sport. A pig the son is caring for is snatched away and butchered. But somehow the family manages, by one clever ploy after another, to remain at the villa where they daringly rescue Jews and work in the resistance. Yet through all the fear and deprivation, the spirit triumphs.

– Mary Fagan

The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story by Diane Ackerman is the historical narrative of Christian Polish zookeepers, Jan Zabinski, a trained zoologist and the director of the Warsaw zoo, and his wife, Antonina. Taken primarily from the memoirs, diaries, and autobiographical children’s books of Antonina, Ackerman has produced a book that squarely faces the horror of Hitler’s plans to destroy every aspect of Poland’s multi-faceted identity. Within this crucible of malevolence, the Zabinskis took great risks to save hundreds of Jews during World War II. The author chose to write about the Zabinskis to honor their great heroism during the Nazi regime in Poland “…when even handing a thirsty Jew a cup of water was punishable by death.” Although the action of the story is carried out primarily through Jan, the lens through which we view the action is Antonina’s.

Starting in 1931 the Zabinskis lived in a villa in Praga, just outside Warsaw, not far from the zoo. At their villa they kept a number of injured or orphaned zoo animals and allowed the creatures to roam freely about their residence. This was not simply a necessity due to the care that some of the animals required, it was a scientific approach for Jan. Ackerman records this comment by Jan: “It’s not enough to do research from a distance. It’s by living beside animals that you learn their behaviors and psychology.” As for Antonina, this was a lifestyle that she also relished. An “animal whisperer” before anyone heard of the term, Antonina had, according to her husband’s notes, had an “uncanny ability to calm unruly animals.”

– T. Hyrkas

I wanted to like this book. The premise is great and I like that the author tried to incorporate actual quotes from diaries and other historical sources into the story. Unfortunately, this is a case of an author who desperately needed a more assertive editor. There were very long and boring tangents that lost my attention. I put this book down/away multiple times and even considered not finishing it, but then forced myself to finish it because I was reading it for my book club. The thing that I despised most about the book was the changing voice in the writing. Sometimes it was told in first person and then it would suddenly shift to third person. In other words, it would say, “So and so did such and such”, and then, “She probably felt X based on this passage” (that would then include a quote from her diary). I would have been OK with either writing style, but the constant switching back and forth was irritating.

– E.N. Fan

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To download The Zookeeper’s Wife Pdf or epub is so easy. Just click the big green book download button above this page. It should bring you to the Zookeeper’s Wife book download page where the details of the book download are found like the title, author, book formats, and others. A little warning, a short verification may be required to ensure that our link will not be abused. You can either use your facebook or email account to be able to download The Zookeeper’s Wife book. And with a single download of Zookeeper’s Wife book, you should be able to get two formats of it like epub and pdf. So what are you waiting for? Go and get The Zookeeper’s Wife book download now!

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