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Read The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn as it one of the best reads of 2018 that many authors like Ruth Ware, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Louise Penny, and many other authors all amazed and thrilled! A bookseller that will surely hit the literary world it will not be a surprise if more and more want to read the book by A.J. Finn! You must be one of the many who are thrilled to read The Woman in the Window book and let me give you an idea what this AJ Finn book is all about.

Anna Fox lives alone in her New York home and keeps to stay in as she has agoraphobia. Staying away from her husband and daughter makes her lonelier and her only company is alcohol. Indeed she has some alcohol problems and what she does best is to sneak on her neighbors.

Just one day, some new neighbor moved in and she sees them like a normal happy family. But one day – all drunk and bored she again did her spying routine but somehow witnessed something bizarre and unusual off her window. That moment was life changing but things got even worse. Was it real? Was she just hallucinating? Can she trust herself when alcohol and pills is taking over her senses?

Yes indeed AJ Finn’s The Woman in the Window is truly riveting, page turning, addicting psychological thriller that anyone will really enjoy. The Woman in the Window summary that I just give isn’t really enough to give you chills but I am pretty sure that should suffice to feed your interest to read The Woman in the Window. Oh, let me also correct some people who mislabel Aj Finn’s book as The Girl in the Window.

Also, I noticed more books are have girl/woman/wife/mistress in the title. Anyhow it does not matter as long as authors like AJ Finn can deliver good books like this bestseller. But before you decide to download or read The Woman in the Window book, you perhaps may want to check some of The Woman in the Window reviews taken from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

The Woman in the Window Review

Already, it’s got great bones, and i understand why this is being hyped up as THE book of 2018. for a debut, it’s very impressive – the claustrophobia of trauma-based imprisonment is palpable, and the narrator’s love of classic films adds to the fraught atmosphere where references and scraps of dialogue blur the real/fantasy line from the constant background presence of something hitchcockian flickering on her laptop. and even the reveal/withhold ratio is well-maintained, for those of you whose high fevers and persistent hacking coughs have not left you with advanced sensory perception.

It’s a microwave popcorn book – fast and satisfying and buttery-slick, with SO! MANY! POPS! OF! SURPRISE! and even if you call every one of them, it’s still a satisfying treat.

Now i am off to brood some more about my magical burdens.

– Karen

This contemporary and Hitchcockian suspense thriller has all the moxie of old black and white film noirs while still retaining the modern world of social media and technology, but Finn does a superb job of shaping the language, tone, and rhythm as if it were a classy classic. Woven through the story are bits from the old movies that serve as threads to thought, action, and atmosphere. And it has plenty of moody atmosphere, yet is plucky, too.

I wouldn’t think to add any plot points; just go in cold like I did. If you love suspense, full-bodied character, psychological mystery, and old movies, (even if you are not a film buff, you’ll engage, as Finn brings it all home), then be careful, you may have as much fun as I did on this roller coaster, nail-biting ride. I wouldn’t call it literature, more like lighterature, but it is articulate and intelligent escapism.

I have no complaints, although, like the old movies it plays homage to, perhaps the journey is even better than the destination. There almost has to be a slight cheese factor to the denouement, but Finn keeps it legitimate with a palpable paranoia and a carnal undertone to the whole package. I hear every actress in Hollywood is clamoring to play the role of Dr. Anna Fox. A bona fide winning character you won’t soon forget.

– Switterbug

4.5 stars!! Okay, the hype this book is getting is warranted. I usually stink at guessing the outcome of a mysterious plot, the “who done it” but I was spot on this time (yes!) and that still didn’t deter me from loving this book. The ending? CRAZY!!! P.S. Loved all the movie references!!

– Tanya

How To Read The Woman in the Window by AJ Finn

Not so surprising that you are wanting to download or read the anticipated best book for 2018 by AJ FinnThe Woman in the Window book. It’s not hyped like most books in the New York Times Bestsellers list, this one is considered to be the real deal. Loved by many bestselling authors themselves, there is no reason to not read or download this book!

But how do you read The Woman in the Window online? One answer. Get the book legitimately. Buy it or rent it or whatever it takes as long as you do it legally. We at AED hate and does not tolerate piracy or any sort and respect the works of these authors. So that is why we are only giving some details about how to get this book legitimately only. Check on the read online button above to see the details of the book where a third party sponsor is offering a service to let you read The Woman in the Window online.

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