The Nightingale eBook by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale eBook by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is a World War II themed book but with a story of a higher caliber. Kristin Hannah was able to craft artistry and tests the readers for their mental and emotional strength. Giving life back to the gruesome events of World War II as the Germans invaded France. The Nightingale is the story of love, courage, obedience, and resilience.

The story went as Vianne Mauriac bid goodbye to her husband as he embarks and fight at the front. As planes covered the skies of Paris, Vianne’s home was requisitioned by the Germans and she has no choice but to live with them – the enemies.

Her sister Isabelle, however being a compulsive teenager drives a wild love drive with a Partisan – Gaetan. Her discovery of her being betrayed joins the resistance and fought against the Germans and even risking her life to save others.

The Nightingale foretells courage, grace, power, durability, and love despite of the relentless brutality of war. Kristin Hannah perfectly crafted the story in the most beautiful way anyone could ever imagine.

Readers’ Review on The Nightingale

I have long been fascinated with the stories of World War 2, which is why I chose to read this book. The story focuses on two sisters – Isabelle and Viann— in occupied France, and what they did to survive the war. While the characters in this book are not real, their stories are based on things that really happened during World War 2. It was a new perspective for me to read of what women did during the war; not just them surviving at home without their men, (fathers and husbands) but what they did to save those in danger. These women endured incredible, unimaginable circumstances. They were faced with danger and difficult decisions. They had to be brave and strong and keep moving forward despite their hardships.
– J. Hansen

“The Nightingale” may be Kristin Hannah’s best book yet! Combining history, family relationships and dynamics, as well as focusing on individuals doing what is necessary to survive the horrors of war, this novel draws readers into the story and holds them firmly in its grip from first page to last. It is a novel of finding the courage to do what is right and then of doing what is necessary to do the right thing.
– Dedicateflower152

For the first time in ages I stayed up through the night reading a book, reaching the last page after 9:00 a.m. “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah is that good. I simply couldn’t put it down. This isn’t just a book about World War II, or women who worked in the French Resistance; it goes much, much deeper. You’ll be quickly drawn into the lives of Viann and Isabelle, their history and complicated relationship, as well as France during its German occupation. Yet “The Nightingale” is about far more than even that. It’s about ordinary people drawn into unthinkable circumstances beyond their control and the choices they must make to take back some of that control… impulsive choices, dangerous choices, heart wrenching and even catastrophic choices that can’t be undone. It’s about bravery and cowardice. Most of all, the novel is about the power of love in all its many forms.
– E.M. Griffith

How To Download The Nightingale Ebook?

Well you can’t miss to read The Nightingale Book by Kristin Hannah! We have specially created a download page for the said book. You can get the copy of the literary masterpiece in four different formats namely pdf, mobi, lit, and epub. If you don’t have an ebook reader, you can easily read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah ebook by opening a pdf file through Mozilla Firefox. But let me also remind you that you got answer a short survey to automatically enable the download. Get The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.


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