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Here’s another good book The Marriage Lie book by Kimberly Belle that any K-Belle fan should read. You shouldn’t miss this great story that is considered to be one of 2017’s hottest reads. The Marriage Lie book is so loved by many because of it’s unexpected twists and the plot itself is well formed plus it has a set of strong characters. This psychological thriller will surely make you turn pages compulsively. But what is the Kimberly Belle The Marriage pdf about?

Everything goes well with the married life of Iris Griffith and Will. They seem to have a perfect life and both are planning things to build a family. Will leaves for Orlando to speak for a business conference. But later that day, Iris was informed that Will has died of a plane crash that was heading for Seattle. Iris was in total shock and grief but still adamant that Will isn’t aboard that plane and could be alive somewhere. But things were getting blurry when no signs of Will has surfaced.

Baffled by Will to lies on his travel, Iris along with her brother took things by themselves and started to investigate. As they dig deeper to the whereabouts of Will, she slowly discovers that the husband she has been married to was not that man she always knew. Lies after lies she uncovers and she is slowly buried by it. She discovers people that Will didn’t or wasn’t able to introduce to Iris like Corban. Iris digs herself deeper into trouble as she unravel the lies of her supposed deceased husband Will.

Ok that’s it! I will not spoil The Marriage Lie book any further. This short The Marriage Lie summary should be enough for you to get you excited to read this Kimberly Belle book. Anyhow, you may now have decided to buy this book by Kimberly Belle. But before that, I highly consider you read first the following The Marriage Lie review taken from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

The Marriage Lie Reviews

KIMBERLEY BELL does deliver a well-written and interestingly enough read here but with typical characters. I did really like the premise of this story and needed some clarification on some of the events that transpired to keep me wanting to turn those pages to get to the ending.

To sum it all up it was an interesting, slow-paced, suspenseful, quick and easy read with a satisfying and twist ending! Would I recommend if asked? Sure it was still mostly enjoyable!

– Norma

Psychological thrillers are usually not the genres I read, but I enjoyed this book. It was definitely a page turner if completed the book. I enjoyed suspense and the unexpected events that happened in this book. The only part(s) I did not like in this book; is how Iris’s twin brother Dave was such an important figure in helping her unravel the missing pieces behind her husband’s death, but later became a very secondary character during the most critical time in her life in the book. I was also confused with rather Iris continued to work after returning too early behind grieving her husband’s death. Other than this, I really enjoyed the thriller.

Some people would have a big problem with the book’s ending, but I found that to be one of the best parts. I enjoyed that the story did not contain a predictable ending. Leave to me to like non-traditional! endings

– Vaceisa

Wow! This was one rollercoaster ride of a great book! In fact, I am still feeling the adrenaline rush of that last sentence.

Most definitely one of my favorite books I have read this year!

– Kim

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