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The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks is yet another big hit in the industry of literature. Can you still remember the smash-hitting book which became a sensational movie – The Notebook? Yes another story springs in The Longest Ride. The story will surely touch the inner-most feeling of humans.

The story revolves around the lives of two couples separated by years and experience. One couple, that of Ira Levinson and his wife recollects the memories of their youth and the experience of World War II once we met an accident. Instead of giving up hope, he clings to the memories of his wife who passed away nine years ago.

Miles away where Ira was left to struggle for life, love is blossoming with Sophia and Luke. Both of those couples may be largely different, but one would wonder what will happen if their lives will intertwine.

Readers’ Review on The Longest Ride

I love Nicholas Sparks. I have read all his books and I am always excited when a new one is going to be released. Even though, you sort of know what going to happen in a Nicholas Sparks book, I still love them. The Longest Ride was no exception. It intertwines a story about two couples, one old, and one young and does a really good job of connecting them together at the end. I don’t want to give too many details but anyone who loves Nicholas Sparks or just wants to read a cute love story should read this, you won’t be disappointed. Not to be corny, but, I think what I love most about Nicholas Sparks books is that the guy in the story always really, truly, and without reservation loves the girl and would do anything for her.

– Izzy

Thank you for another AMAZING love story. The detail in every moment of the book kept me wanting more and more. In one sitting I finished the whole book with tears of joy, sorrow and happiness.

– Cassandra

This is the best of Nicholas Sparks since The Notebook – 5 stars ++++! Oh course, I have read all his books and have seen all his movies –they are all great – however, I will say The Longest Ride is at the top of the list with The Notebook. What a beautifully written poignant love story and fell in love with all the characters (especially Luke).
I had purchased the book on pre-order; however, was busy packing for a long extended stay and drive to Highlands, NC and ironically Winston-Salem, NC (from West Palm Beach) which is a 12 hour drive, so decided to purchase the audio from for my long drive on iPod for next week. However, started listening to it yesterday while packing, and had to finish it tonight as could not put it down–(so will need another book for my trip next week)! (Ironically, listened to The Best of Me by Nicholas on audio for my last trip two years ago from NC to South Florida.)

– Judith D. Collins

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