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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF by Marie Kondo is one the best book to help you with cleaning you clutter specially your home or work area. Marie Kondo is one of the regarded Japanese cleaning consultant and has released some of the best declutter book. One of Marie Kondo books is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and sometimes often confused as The Magical Art of Tidying Up. Since the Japanese are known to be meticulous about cleaning and arranging, this Marie Kondo book is a must read for everyone aspiring to have clutter free home or office. Loved by many, Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book is a perfect guide that includes practical instructions that one can easily follow.

The method discussed in Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF is about proper organization or things that are most important to the least. It will let you practice the art of tidying up and should be able to maintain it with less worry and work. A very detailed guide is also included to let you determine with things in your place is best to keep to best to store or through away. Other Marie Kondo books may include Spark Joy and of course The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF book. You may want to download the book in pdf but The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up ePub may also be available too.

Also before your download the book about tidying, allow yourself to read some of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up review from verified purchasers and readers of Amazon and Kindle. This Marie Kondo Book is a must read so better check the reviews below before downloading the book.

Readers’ Review on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF Book by Marie Kondo

I will admit to having a tortured relationship with stuff. I grew up in a cluttered house and married the King of Clutter (he’s the type of person who’ll open a credit card bill, pay it online, and then just leave the empty envelope, inserts, and bill itself randomly strewn on whatever surface happens to be nearby). I don’t like the disorder of clutter, but dealing with it is such a soul-sucking experience that I haven’t gotten very far. Many days I semi-wish the whole place would burn down and save me from having to deal with it.

Typically I’ll catch an episode of Hoarders, fear that I’m one incapacitating injury away from being the focus of an episode (if I can’t clean up all those strewn papers, they’ll just pile up to the rafters, after all!), and then go through a stack of junk in a fit of unhappiness. Not the best way to deal with it all.

Marie Kondo’s book is the opposite of that. It’s a breath of fresh air and positive energy that brings real joy to the process of “tidying up.”

– EB

Marie Kondo says something to the effect of: If you read this book and feel as though it is you, then it is meant to be. Not a direct quote, but something that resignates with me as I read some of the negative reviews. This book spoke to me, it was truly magic. When I moved 9 months ago, I took approx 3 car loads of belongings to goodwill, thinking that I had done a darn good job of getting rid of unnecessary items. Yet still, my home continued to be rather cluttered and storage spaces felt messy no matter how much I tried to organize. I have read a multitude of books and articles, searched on Pinterest and other sites about organization.

Read things on minimalism that were just unrealistic to me. I wanted to be more minimalist, but just couldn’t get myself to only own 12 items in my kitchen. Nothing was quite right. Marie addresses all of these problems in her book and why they may or may not work. When I started reading I thought that I might be able to find a few things to discard and some new ways to organize the clutter I currently have. This was definitely, not the case. I purchased this book on Friday and have only tackled the category of clothing and 1 “catch all ” bedroom I had because I had a guest coming to stay.

I’m not even finished with those 2 places in my home and I have 2 large sized black garbage bags full, 4 smaller trash bags full, 1 medium sized box, and 3 of those reusable sized shopping bags and a pile of clothes still on the floor, all ready to leave my house. If you had asked me yesterday how many pairs of shoes I owned, I would have answered “maybe 20-25”. When I took EVERY SINGLE shoe in my house and laid it out on the floor – not missing a single pair – it was eye opening, this is the magic of it. Taking a single category of item and laying it all out for you to truly see it. 59 pairs of shoes in all laid in front of me when I did this, some that I don’t even remember purchasing or owning.

– Amazon Customer

The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo has been a very fascinating read. I read this book in one week and applied the principles she teaches that very same weekend (much to the dismay of my poor wife). From reading the reviews on Amazon I think there are a lot of people who have misconceptions about this book and what it’s about.

This is not a one fix book that will solve all of your life problems in one foul swoop. What it is, is a book about tidying up. Kondo presents a very specific method of going through all of your things and identifying exactly “what sparks joy” and what does not.

I found the exercise of going through all my things surprisingly profound. Marie does suggest that you should thank your possessions and greet them, which might be a bit much for most western readers. But what was surprising is the process of going through the, seeming insurmountable task. of piling all your things together and going through them one by one.

– PertiB

How To Download The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF Book by Marie Kondo

You should be able to download and read this tidying up book by Marie Kondo. For sure you are now so eager to download The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up PDF right? Well that is not a worry. You can easily download Mari Kondo Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book by clicking the green download button above this post. A download page should then appear where the details of this tidying up book can be found. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up pdf as the title, Marie Kondo as the author, the available formats namely pdf and epub, the file size, and other details can be found. You should then be able to experience the magic of tidying up after reading and following the method presented by this Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up book!

The art of tidying up cannot easily be followed by most. Some declutter book or tidying up often miss practical guides specially regarding successful and systematic maintenance process. Marie Kondo is straight forward and methodical – no fuss and bs. If ever you are in need of the perfect guide on how to get that magic of tidying up, then Marie Kondo The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up pdf is the best book you should have.

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