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The Liar book By Nora Roberts is one of the finest of all the books she has ever written. Having published more than 200 novels, J. D. Robb – the pen name of Nora Roberts is indeed successful in her career. This thriller book is also compared to the works of David Baldacci and Harlan Coben.

So successful is The Liar PDF book that is has become yet another best seller of the New York Times. The Liar book is a thriller suited for all readers both young adult and the general adult population. Its dynamic characters and setting is so moving.

The story went as Shelby Oxford just lost her husband. The loss of her husband didn’t only left her with emotional struggle but financial struggles as well. A huge discovery was also made when she unlocked a safe that contains a huge secret. A secret that reveals that her husband actually doesn’t exist. She then moved to her hometown to somehow fix her life. But what seems to be a good start for healing is only the beginning of unfolding the rest of her husband’s secret.

Well we wouldn’t be describing all the things contained in the book. I know that it is important to know how things transpired in the story but I don’t want to spoil the thrill and excitement of the story. The Liar book can be downloaded through our website anyway. The The Liar book download is available but you got to check the review of the book from your fellow Amazon verified readers and purchasers.

Readers’ Review on The Liar

I just want to start off by saying how much I LOVE Nora Roberts. Jewels of the Sun was the first “real” book I ever read after finishing with things like Babysitter’s Club, Sweet Valley High, etc… and here I am exactly 10 years later and I still count down the days until her next book comes out so I can buy it immediately. She is the reason I became a writer.
I’ve noticed something in the past couple years, however, and that’s that Nora Roberts has somehow fallen into this writing pattern that she just can’t seem to get out of. A lot of authors discover a formula that seems to work for them and tend to stick with it and there’s nothing wrong with that. Nora just seems to be following that pattern way too closely. Woman (very rarely a man) gets scorned, set up for the “main story line”, she/he forced to go home and find solace in family, meet a guy (girl), fall in love, a bit more about the actual story line, quirky secondary characters, couple has a problem that’s easily solved, climax to the main problem, couple resolves all of their issues and then the end.

– Romance Lover

The Liar is appealingly eclectic. It’s not just a romance, but a story of family, home, and building dreams. Of mystery, danger, and deception. Only Nora Roberts could so seamlessly entwine all these things and then top it off with the welcoming charm of the small Southern town of Rendezvous Ridge. It’s impossible not to be drawn into this story, and into the lives of its protagonists.

– Kimberly

I have NEVER given Nora Roberts such a low rating and frankly never thought I would but this book just goes on and on and on and on and on (ok you get it, right?) I don’t feel as if I am going to give away anything here as I think this entire plot is obvious from the start, the only thing that Nora DID get right was how insidious a controlling sociopath gains control of someone that is young, trusting, etc. I admire the character of Shelby in initially wanting to pay back debts that she believes her ‘husband’ accrued while they were married but the reality is that if she didn’t sign on the credit cards or the mortgage or any of the other debts then she is not responsible and there is a point in the book where it gets absolutely nauseating with her determination to pay back or make up for the criminal acts of a person she is not in fact responsible for. I hate to throw her own words against her but this situation may be possible but it is NOT plausible to believe that once everything is sold, returned, whatever that this woman with very little means behind her will EVER be able to pay back over a million dollars in debt that is not even hers. It is not realistic in the least and frankly the way that Shelby keeps whining about what a dupe she had been and ‘how am I ever going to pay back all of this’ got old really quickly. I agree with one reviewer that the dialogue does get confusing between all of the southern women, at some point you can’t tell who is saying what. I liked the character of Griffen as I usually do but Shelby was too conflicted, was she strong? weak? stupid? The HARDEST thing about being in situation like that is HOW could she have allowed the manipulation to begin with and being able to forgive yourself for it. I’m sorry but this was a waste of money for me. It is not a matter of not being a fan, I have read the entire IN DEATH series 8 times and read her last full book twice and loved them.

– JSpence

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