The Last Anniversary Liane Moriarty Book

The Last Anniversary Liane Moriarty Book

The Last Anniversary – Liane Moriarty Book is another best seller by the best selling author. Known to have written two bestselling books in the past, Liane Moriarty is so loved by many because of her strong characters and beautiful plot. Although there is a sense of tragic in the story, The Last Anniversary is a great book to read – no doubt about it.

Sophie Honeywell broke the heart of Thomas Gordon on the moment before their marriage. Although Gordon already married someone, the scars of yesterday yet remains. Situations caught them to their lives might intertwine, a twist that is regrettable yet paints a smile on every readers’ face. I’ll not stress how the story went but I tell you will really enjoy it. And if you want to get a copy of this book then it should be no worry considering that we are giving The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty all for you totally free.

Readers’ Review on The Last Anniversary Liane Moriarty Book

There’s a lot to love about this book about a family mystery, and how love can take so many different paths, and while it’s not as much of a page-turner as Moriarty’s other books(The Husband’s Secret/What Alice Forgot), it’s a very pleasant read. Moriarty is the best a not only giving us likable characters, but giving the reader realistic characters. When Sophie inherits a house on a private island, from the man she dumped’s aunt, she has no idea how her life is going to change and how perfectly a stranger understood her. Nearing 40 with no husband/baby/or even boyfriend in sight, Sophie comes to the island wondering what she did to deserve such a gift. What Moriarty is so good at as a writer, is delving into what makes Sophie so appealing, a gift she has no idea she processes, and how that gift will stir up the family on Scribbly Island.

– Robin Landry

I think Liane Moriarty is a great author and I love her other books, but I was disappointed by this one. I still enjoyed reading it (hence the 3 stars), but it didn’t captivate me the way her other books did.

The characters in this story lacked dimension and there were too many of them! I usually enjoy stories that are told from multiple points-of-view, but there were entirely too many characters in this story to keep track of. I actually had to draw a family tree of the characters so that I could keep them straight.

Because there were so many of them, none of them seemed all that interesting or sympathetic and I didn’t really care about their fate, with the exception of one or two. In addition to the lack of multi-dimensional characters, the mystery isn’t much of a mystery… it’s pretty obvious from the beginning that the sisters had more to do with the disappearances than they let on, and the author alludes to this early on. The story behind the disappearance actually ends up being quite interesting, but you don’t read about until the last few pages. The majority of the book is spent describing random events in a group of irritating characters’ lives.

– Christina Rickman

Warning: Do not read this book in the vicinity of sleeping babies or people with a nervous disposition. Your frequent spontaneous peals of laughter may startle them.

The Last Anniversary is not a new book, but it is presently on the New York Times Bestsellers. It was originally published in Australia in 2005. Apparently interest in it has been revived due to the huge international success of the author’s more recent books. Frankly, as much as I enjoyed her other novels, this is my favorite – so far.

– MagieG13

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