The Hit David Baldacci Book Download

The Hit David Baldacci Book Download is finally available here! This book referred to as Baldacci at his best is a spy thriller like no other. After the successful novel “The Innocent”, “The Hit” will become the next of David Baldacci‘s top selling masterpiece.

Readers’ Review

“The best Baldacci novel in years…What makes “The Hit” live up to its title is the payoff at the novel’s end. By then, Baldacci has planted an emotional hook that remains long after readers have turned the last page of the book.”

– Associated Press

“Its pace is relentless, and Baldacci’s reworking of his perennial theme – absolute power corrupts absolutely – gives the book a sense of urgency and cultural relevance that many thrillers lack.”

– Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Warning: If you plan to crack this thriller at poolside or on the beach, apply sunscreen before opening. Baldacci’s a master at creating tense espionage and confrontations with lots of fire power, and you’ll lose yourself in THE HIT.”

– The Star-Ledger


FEELING ENERGIZED BY THE DEATH that was about to happen, Doug Jacobs adjusted his headset and brightened his computer screen. The picture was now crystal clear, almost as if he were there.

But he thanked God he wasn’t.

There was thousands of miles away, but one couldn’t tell that by looking at the screen. They couldn’t pay him enough to be there. Besides, many people were far better suited for that job. He would be communicating shortly with one of them.

Jacobs briefly glanced around the four walls and the one window of his office in the sunny Washington, D.C., neighborhood. It was an ordinary-looking low-rise brick building set in a mixed-use neighborhood that also contained historical homes in various states of either decay or restoration. But some parts of Jacobs’s building were not ordinary at all. These elements included a heavy-gauge steel gate out front with a high fence around the perimeter of the property. Armed sentries patrolled the interior halls and surveillance cameras monitored the exterior. But there was nothing on the outside to clue anyone in to what was happening on the inside.

And a lot was happening on the inside.

Jacobs picked up his mug of fresh coffee, into which he had just poured three sugar packets. Watching the screen required intense concentration. Sugar and caffeine helped him do that. It would match the emotional buzz he would have in just a few minutes.

He spoke into the headset. “Alpha One, confirm location,” he said crisply. It occurred to him that he sounded like an air traffic controller trying to keep the skies safe.


David Baldacci‘s “The Innocent” was a big hit of 2012. Now, “The Hit” will rise as Baldacci’s best selling ebook for 2013 and that’s for sure. This action pumped, death clutching, pulse-racing, surprising, and full of unexpected turns is a must read for all spy-thriller fan. When you say spy, it’s not all about the glamour of James Bond but the level of skill of an agent – being contested with another skillful spy. One spy pursuing another spy is a heck of action and fast pace.

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