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The Dry – a Jane Harper book is regarded to be one of the best debuts ever to instantly become a bestseller. Read it online or download The Dry in any format that your mobile device will support and for sure this highly recommended book is a sure pleasure to read. There are few debuting authors whose work becomes an instant bestseller. Jane Harper is exceptional and her Falk Series book is going to make noise in the literary world for the next installment!

But what is this book by Jane Harper all about? It all started when Agent Aaron Falk received a note that made him come to his town to which he hasn’t been visiting for decades. Falk arrived at his little hometown in Kiewarra to attend a funeral. A funeral for Falk’s best friend Luke and his family. It was very difficult for Falk and the parents of Luke wanted Aaron to dig further about the supposed suicide. Luke probably committed suicide because of the drought and made the financial conditions worse. But the parents believed that there was more than a mere suicide.

Twenty years ago, Aaron Falk and his father left their small town of Kiewarra with the suspicion of his participation of the murder of Ellie Deacon. But he escapes prosecution because his alibi, his best friend claimed that they were together when the crime happened. Now that Luke is dead, and the town’s old rumors about Aaron having a hand in Deacon’s death has resurrected. Who can now save Aaron from absolute prosecution?

Aaron and a local detective Raco digs more about Luke case and have amassed significant evidence that suggests Luke is innocent from killing his family. As both Aaron and Raco get closer to the truth, the real culprit is laying more traps to set to silence them. Also, some truths becomes clear about the death of his best friend Luke and his family.

Well I don’t want to reveal much about Jane Harper The Dry Book. Your anticipation of The Dry book by Jane Harper should remain high before you turn the pages of the book. The Dry by Jane Harper summary I just gave must be enough for you to decide to get hold of a copy of the book. But before you do that, I highly suggest you read more about Jane Harper The Dry reviews below. These The Dry reviews are taken from both Amazon and GoodReads. So check it out now.

The Dry Review

I bought this book off of Amazon, not knowing anything about it. Every once in a while, that works out great, and this was one of those times. Set in Australia, it starts off with Aaron Falk returning to his home town, to attend the funeral of his best childhood friend. He ends up staying long enough to solve the mystery of what really happened. The author did a great job of pulling me into the story, wanting to find out how things would come together. It’s a sad and tragic story, but very enjoyable and well written.

– Diane Bell

What a book. I had to sleep on this one. Not like, right on top of it, it was just a little to the left of my pillow, but I needed time to process. It’s not as though this read was so incredibly intoxicating that I couldn’t wrap my head around it—quite the contrary, actually.

The pace is steady and slow, verging on dull at times but never quite crossing that line. The plot itself is packed with twists, but they felt gentle and weren’t especially shocking.

– Kristin

I blame Aaron Falk. He just made me add a new shelf on Goodreads. Series. You see, I don’t like book series. With a few exceptional characters preceding Aaron Falk (Harry Potter, Christian Grey, Edward Cullen, Kinsey Milhone) have I read an entire series. It’s just too much of a commitment and then I feel guilty if I miss a book in the series. I will not be missing any book that Aaron Falk is in. Ever. No way, no worries, mate.

I am so late to THE DRY party that I almost didn’t read it. Finally, feeling caught up and proud of myself for all my ARC reading, I picked up one of the few hardbacks I have actually bought and opened up.

– Jewels

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