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The Big Short by Michael Lewis is one of the best book to read if you interested about the financial world. Lewis, regarded to be the best and funniest financial chronicler writes another bestselling book. This book is bout how many has made millions or even billions by shorting stocks during the market crash.

This book by Michael Lewis is filled with humor – totally entertaining! If you have read his previous book Liar’s Poker, then you would easily guess the Lewis is the author. But don’t let the humor fool you. The Big Short is anecdotal and a suitable read for all people who wants to learn and discover the truth about the wizardly crafts in the financial world.

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Readers’ Review on The Big Short

Based on reading Michael Lewis’ Liar’s Poker and Moneyball, I wondered whether The Big Short would prove to be entertaining and informative. If you’ve read some of Lewis’ books, you might agree that the “entertaining” part would seem to be a reasonably safe bet. It turns out, it is. The Big Short is fast-paced, straightforward, conversational and salty–very much like his earlier works. Indeed, if you didn’t know Michael Lewis had written this book, you could probably guess it. It is easy reading and very hard to put down. In short (no pun), The Big Short doesn’t disappoint in being entertaining.

In a sense, this book is similar to Moneyball in that Lewis tells his story by following a host of characters that most of us have never heard of–people like Steve Eisman (the closest thing to a main character in the book), Vincent Daniel, Michael Burry, Greg Lippmann, Gene Park, Howie Hubler and others.

– Adam Smythe

In the run-up to the housing collapse of 2007-2008, houses weren’t merely expensive, they were insanely expensive. Yet just when it seemed that prices couldn’t go higher, some fool would come along and pay an enormous sum for a glorified hovel. You didn’t have to be a genius to realize that American real estate was overvalued. It did, however, take something special to figure out how to make money off the madness. A group of between ten and twenty people did just that, making the bet of a lifetime that author Michael Lewis calls “The Big Short”

The cast of characters in Lewis’s highly readable chronicle of the collapse (and what led to it) includes a misanthropic former medical resident, a money manager who saw himself as Spider-Man, and a pair of men in their thirties who started with $110,00 in a Schwab account they managed from a backyard shed in Berkeley, California. “Each filled a hole,” Lewis writes. “Each supplied a missing insight, an attitude to risk which, if more prevalent, might have prevented the catastrophe.”

– Seth Hettena

Let me get the easy part of this out of the way first. Michael Lewis is a remarkably gifted writer, and I have often found his books impossible to put down. When I first read his debut at book authorship, Liar’s Poker, I literally read it straight through. I was not alone in this, as Liar’s Poker rightfully made Michael a very well-respected author and a very wealthy man. Moneyball, The Blind Side, and numerous other best-sellers built on that reputation. The long-awaited newest contribution from Michael Lewis, The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine, is 264 pages long, and I also read this in 24 hours. However, I doubt many others will feel the same. The book was compelling, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and nothing in the book modified my view that Michael Lewis is one of the most interesting writers of this era. I simply doubt that this book evoke the same response from the masses of people who will buy it. Perhaps I am wrong. So before I begin to disect the important parts of the book (its underlying messages, etc.), I will say that it was another hard-to-put-down book from Michael Lewis. Thumbs up, and all that stuff.

– David Bahnsen

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