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The Art of the Deal PDF by Donald Trump is a great book on business dealings. The book also talks about the life of the young Donald Trump. You can get the Art of the Deal Book all for free here at We provide the free books download in pdf, epub, lit, or mobi for you. Since the Art of the Deal ebook is a bestseller, we have included this book in our repository.

Be inspired to become masterful at business dealing from the craft of Donald Trump himself through his book. Some people may have read the Art of War book to serve as a template for surviving the business world. The book on Donald Trump’s biography tells another landscape of dealing. The Art of the Deal PDF is a must read for all people in business. And the best news is that free books download for pdf, epub, lit, and mobi is available here at Check out the reviews of the readers of The Art of the Deal PDF.

Readers’ Review on Art of the Deal PDF

“Trump, who believes that excess can be a virtue, is as American as Manhattan’s skyline,” wrote George Will in the 1980’s. Regardless of whether you think Donald Trump as a symbol of American success, or you think he’s an annoying, chest-pounding egomaniac with bad hair, this book will show you what it took for him to build up his empire. The book shows Trump doing what he does best — boldly making big deals — during the “greed is good” decade of the 1980’s. I found it interesting to see how much of his current empire he had built up before his 40th birthday, and to understand how he pulled off various deals.

The majority of the book is a swashbuckling, detailed history of his biggest projects. He talks about all the details, from negotiating with landholders, arguing about zoning with city officials, lining up contractors, interviewing architects, dealing with partners in various projects, negotiating with banks to line up financing, and the like.

– Christopher Helefe

Donald Trump has become arguably the world’s best-known real-estate icon. He has undoubtedly worked hard for the honor. Trump routinely wakes up at 6AM, at which time he reads the morning papers before arriving to work by 9AM. He’ll make anywhere from 50 to 100 phone calls daily, and will hold a dozen or so impromptu 15-minute meetings throughout the day. But Trump’s work ethic is only part of the reason why he has come to define the quintessential real estate mogul.

Donald Trump provides for our benefit his eleven Trump Cards of success. They include thinking big, protecting the downside, maximizing options, knowing your market, using leverage, enhancing your location, getting the word out through a public relations/marketing campaign, fighting back, delivering the goods, controlling costs, and having fun. Yet even these Trump Cards fail to fully illuminate what it is that makes Trump so successful.

– Justin Belkin

This book is not a how-to book for deal making or negotiation. This book is more autobiographical. Each chapter covers a different deal, which were mostly in the 1980s. To learn from this will require some reading between the lines and some extrapolation.

With the exception of the first couple chapters, which talk about his early years, each chapter goes into some detail about a different deal, like the USFL and Trump Plaza. Trump talks about some negotiations, licensing, and construction. Reading about the steps behind each deal has some benefit if you are patient and read carefully.

– Jeffrey Leeper

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