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Silverwing Novel by HP Munro is a great romantic-historical fiction that everybody will love to read. A lesbian romance book that is so loved continues to touch the hearts of many. Silverwing ebook by HP Munro can be downloaded totally free in our website If you love reading books about lesbian romance, then this is a great addition to your collection.

Books download pdf or epub are available here and that includes Silverwing novel by HP Munro. You can get free books download in pdf or other formats easily. Read Silverwing book by clicking the green download button above. Personally, I am not a fan of lesbian themed books but this is an exception! You will really love reading Silverwing novel by HP Munro. Just see the reviews of the said lesbian romance novel below.

Readers Review on Silverwing Novel

Silver Wings by H.P. Munro is an amazing story! I absolutely love Munro’s writing style. This story reminded me of one of favorite movies- A League of Their Own. Substitute baseball for flying planes and I can see a new movie! The characters are very well developed and the story flows nicely. I actually learned some history about the amazing women left behind to carry on life while our men were overseas fighting in WWII. I always knew of Rosie the Riveter; however I was not aware of the important roles of the WASP and these amazing women’s sacrifices. Please do not let the history element scare you away from reading this book, because there is a beautiful love story you are sure to enjoy! You can’t help but fall in love with all of these women… Lily, Helen, and the rest of the WASP women are courageous, smart, humorous, and full of love for flying and each other! I am looking forward to reading more from this brilliant writer. Give her a try, she is worth your time and money!

– Mahoney

I have about 400 books in my kindle, most lesbian themes. Many I am embarrassed to have in my kindle. More than a few I couldn’t finish. Too much sex, poor dialog, predictable plot, wooden caricatures. I loved this book, thoughtful and well written. One of the best I have read kin a long time!

– Chefsal

I laughed out loud while reading this one. I have to say that Munro outdid herself with this one. It goes down as one of the best books of the year for me right now. I’m now very curious about WASP and will be doing my research immediately! I learnt so much while reading this. And something else, so few books encourage you to be better and reach for more. After reading this I wanted to sign up for something! Anything! Even a book club would do! Very uplifting.

– Keats

How To Download Silverwing Novel

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