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Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind PDF Download is finally available! A renowned historian – Dr. Yuval Noah Harari takes us 70,000 years ago where humans drastically acquired cognitive development and molded the earth as we know today. Favorited by the likes of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, A Brief History of Humankind book is a must read for everyone. It integrates science and history and enables us to think and reflect of what the past may have influenced today and the future. Sapiens no longer just follow the course of the evolutionary path but rather creates its own.

The Sapiens book by Yuval Noah Harari is both provocative and insightful. Letting us “see” what’s ahead and what was before all human advancement. And yes you are in the right place as A Brief History of Humankind pdf download is at hand. You can get the Sapiens Book through our book download page. The Sapiens book can be downloaded in two popular formats namely pdf and epub.

But let me also warn you. Before you proceed with the download of the book, check these Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind reviews. And also, this Sapiens Book review is made by verified amazon book buyers.

Readers’ Review on Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind PDF

This is one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read. I have a degree in history and political science and I would have been better prepared to interpret the subject matter of my chosen disciplines if I had read this book as a senior in high school. At age 74 the book has completely rearranged my cultural dogmas. Throughout the book, I kept feeling a need to challenge the author’s conclusions about us humans but, in the end, I had to accept that we Sapiens are the creature Harari describes and that is more than a little unsettling. My takeaway is that I will never again think in absolutes because doing so is a recipe for fostering evil and social disaster. I will also cut cultural myths a little more slack. Maybe they do serve a human need.

– Slim

A standard history of the human race begins with Paleolithic proto-humans, traces the development of modern man or homo sapiens sapiens, then chronicles the beginnings and expansions of human civilization from agriculture to the present. Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens follows that path, but with several intriguing twists. The result is a fascinating book which will challenge pre-conceptions and occasionally annoy or even anger the reader, but will always intrigue.

Harari focusses on the three great revolutions of human history: Cognitive, Agricultural, and Scientific. He asks how “An Animal of No Significance” managed to become the dominant life form, and whether that animal’s learning to produce his own food and then to further harness the natural world to his will through science were boons or setbacks, both for that animal and for the rest of the biosphere. In 20 brilliant chapters Harari asks his readers to consider not only what did happen, but what might have occurred had things turned out slightly differently (the roles of chance and accident are given a lot of attention.) He reveals the mutually agreed upon “stories” that helped shape human societies and questions their validity, not to disillusion but to challenge his readers. At times the tone is unavoidably cynical, but at others there’s a real optimistic air (leavened by some cautions here and there). I found Harari’s ideas fascinating, especially those in his final chapter “The End of Homo Sapiens” and in his brief but important “Afterword: The Animal That Became a God.”

– John D. Cofield

Never before have I reviewed a book after 2300 others have done the same. Who’s going to read 2300 reviews and who will read this? Surely a waste of time for a lot of people including me. Now that I am past that let me state that Harari gives a heckeva good read. This is not the usual rise and fall of empires and kingdoms but a broad ranging overview of how we got here. Parts of it were downright fascinating such as “imagination” being a keystone to human activity, e.g. corporations, money, and religion.

Something I found really different and pleasing was his discussion of things where he had no real answer. In the case of all cultures being patriarchal he gives three or four possible reasons. That’s good enough for me as there is still no real answer. I find that fair and enlightening. He also does something different as he uses the pronoun “she” throughout the book instead of the previously required male pronoun. Finally he keeps touching on the fact that animals have paid a terrible price for the rise of sapiens. From hunter-gatherer days to the factory farms of today they have suffered. He’s right. Incidentally our family has a farm background and I eat no chicken, turkey, pork, or beef. Ever been in a confinement barn?

Now I didn’t give the book five stars because he makes positive references to the misguided but widely read Jared Diamond. He borrows a fair amount from Diamond, for example, in that hunter-gatherers were happier than folks today. Let me emphasize that on this snowy March day the cat and I are both glad we don’t need to go out and scavenge something off the frozen earth.

– Stanley

How To Download Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind PDF

The Sapiens Book by Harari can be downloaded. A download button is provided above this post and it should bring you to the download page of the book where the title Sapiens : A Brief History of Humankind can be found. The author as well Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, the book formats namely pdf and epub, and other details regarding the book. You don’t have to look further Sapiens a Brief History of Humankind review as you can get the book right here and right now!

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