Roomhate by Penelope Ward PDF EPUB

Roomhate by Penelope Ward PDF EPUB

Roomhate by Penelope Ward is another great read for all romance themed novels out there! Looking for books download in pdf or epub format for the book Roomhate by the best selling author Penelope Ward? Then this is your opportunity! This website offers you to get ebook downloads pdf, epub, lit, or mobi formats totally free.

Although Roomhate by Penelope Ward‘s book contains strong words and sexual content, you will really enjoy reading it. Roomhate book is strictly intended for readers 18 and above. Yet the best part is – you are going to get this book download in pdf or other formats totally free. Yes it is free and all you need to do is hit the big green download button above. We also posted some readers’ review of the Roomhate ebook just below this post.

Readers’ Review on Roomhate by Penelope Ward

I felt all the big ones from happiness to sadness to arousal to furstration but I also felt the more obscure ones and ‘WTF’, ‘Oh, HELL no he did not just say that’, ‘Ummmm’ and ‘Oh, my god’ were all things I said out loud during the course of this book. As the two are reunited and Justin doesn’t seem to be able to breathe without throwing a snarky comment in Amelia’s direction my anger levels were running high. I got frustrated with Amelia for just taking it but it turns out, killing someone with kindness sometimes really is the best way to sort it out. The sexual tension between the two is palpable and it was toe-curlingly delicious watching Justin try and fight against the attraction. This book is told from only Amelia’s POV and I felt like this only added to the angst and tension of this book because you’re left having to decipher Justin’s actions on your own.

– PopKitty

I’ll be honest, I didn’t care much for it. It was lukewarm at best even mid-way through. When I started the book I had to grit my teeth and kept on because I honestly could not stand Justin in the 1st half of it. I find his character very immature in how he acted. He held such a grudge for Amelia leaving him when they were kids. So he behaved like a complete jerk off to her when they meet again as adults. However, I find it funny that’s it’s Justin that ends up leaving her behind alot in the book. Multiple times. Either to go back to his life with his girlfriend, or back to his music career. He just did NOT choose Amelia over the other people/things going on in his life. Yet. So he needs to give the poor girl a break. She was freaking 15 when she ran away and broke his teenage heart and made him somewhat bitter. A scared girl who wasn’t thinking clearly. It sucks but they weren’t even an actual couple at that time or even aware of each other’s feelings. Amelia did try to find him a year later to apologize and explain but he refuses to see her or fix their friendship. He let it fester and shuts her out of his life. And life went on. For both of them.

– Lucy

So while I thought it was super cute that he didn’t just fall into bed with her because he respected her and knew she wanted something stable (or not, she did mention a few times she just wanted someone to warm her bed). This first consummation was literally YEARS in the making. Decades even. So you think their first time is going to be emotionally charged and soul shaking. I mean, we did wait nearly the entire book for this 30 second bang, right? Nope. He’s pulling her hair, smacking her butt and sticking his fingers in places I would make a man wait until at least the 3rd date for. How romantic.

– Tania D

How To Download Roomhate by Penelope Ward

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