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The Power Game by Christine Feehan PDF Book is another bestseller that everyone should read. The book Power Game can be downloaded through our website. The author Christine Feehan is regarded to be “one of the best storytellers around”. You mustn’t miss reading this New York Times bestseller and Power Game PDF is topping the charts of most book review websites in the internet.

Power Game tells about an incident where the UN joint security force has been kidnapped by a radical group. Needing a special force for a rescue, one super soldier is needed for the crisis. Zeke, an enhanced soldier can run faster, see in the dark, and a human weapon. Somebody wants that power too and would do anything to achieve it. You can download Power Game by Christine Feehan in our book download website. Also, you can check the reviews of recent readers for Power Game by Christine Feehan below.

Reader’s Review on Power Game by Christine Feehan

Power Game is the thirteenth installment in Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker action-packed PNR series. This books was a returned to Team Four who have set up their fortress in the bayou of Louisiana. Following the lives of a group of enhanced men and women, who are sometime chemically paired as a means of control by the brilliant yet sociopathic scientist, Peter Whitney, the Ghostwalker’s natural sensory gifts are enhanced and now Whitney is experimenting with adding reptile and arachnid DNA in the hopes of creating super soldiers for the government.

Power Games opens with the heroine, Bellisia, has been pressed into service by Peter Whitney on an dangerous undercover assignment in Asia. She discovers a nefarious plot by a former childhood friend, Violet, who is now a U.S. senator and is planning to serve up her Ghostwalker brethren in exchange for power and status. Violet gives the name and location of Team Four to be slated for assassination. When her cover is blown, Bellisia manages to not only escape her potential captors but escape from Dr. Whitney’s handlers and a fate of being sent to a breeding program in Italy. Intrepid Bellisia makes her way to Louisiana to warn the Team Four.

– Baroness of Topaz

Like many readers I started with this authors Dark Carpathian books but quickly discovered her more suspense based GhostWalkers . It’s been an eventful journey with characters that if honest at times I’ve struggled with. This author seems to have a preponderance of very demanding males as her lead characters and unfortunately that often means very long, drawn out and intense intimate scenes. I’m all for a little love but do realise that it’s the story and plot that really needs to grip the reader . So I’m over the moon to reassure anyone considering reading this book that not only is there a huge turning point in the overall story arc but our two main characters are full of surprises .

– Marta Cox

I received this book via my IPAD after midnight last night and read it early this morning. I have read all of Christine Feehan’s books and have to say this one is a delightful surprise! The characters have a depth like some of the first books in the Ghost Walker series that helps make for complex 3 dimensional characters that walk into your heart and become favorites. This is a keeper which I will re read multiple times as I know I will pick up on things I missed the first time around. .

– Sue

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