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Are you a an Pokemon fan? Or perhaps a beginner Pokemon trainer? Then Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook is perfect for you. Whether you are an advance or beginner trainer, this handy Pokemon Deluxe Handbook will give you the best information about over 700 Pokemons! The names, statistics and facts are all in and you shall have unimaginable knowledge about all possible Pokemons you will encounter.

This Deluxe Essential Handbook of Pokemon will let you let several things about each of the Pocket Monsters with the following topics.

  • Name of the Pokemon
  • Proper Pronunciation of the Pokemon Names
  • Height and Weight
  • Possible Moves
  • Description
  • Evolution
  • Mega Evolution
  • Type
  • Region

But that’s not all! These Pokemon information is just the first part of the Pokemon Deluxe Book. There are more topics covered about the different Pokemons that you can’t find anywhere! Enough said, I am not going to reveal the whole content of Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook. But anyway, all Pokemon fans will surely love the Pokemon Deluxe Handbook and many can’t wait to catch the book.

There are several comments from people who got the paperback version of Pokemon Deluxe Handbook. Most are saying that the pages of the book is falls apart and many are mad about that particular issue. However, there are Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook PDF and it’s a total lifesaver.

What are the other fans saying about Pokemon Deluxe Handbook? Well you can check them below as I have amassed some of Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook reviews from Amazon. If you want to say something about the book, then you can simply post your thoughts on the comment box below.

Readers’ Review on Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

I purchased this for my 7 year old as a replacement for the one he got at his school book fair. It was more than twice as much at the book fair, so I’m glad I found it here. I am taking off a star for durability. This cannot be handled all that much by a bunch of little boys. My son took it camping with his cousin and the Boy Scouts, and it was pretty trashed after a couple of days.

I guess since it is a paperback it isn’t supposed to hold up all that well, but I would think the binding would be better. The pages just started kind of falling out. Other than that, the book is amazing! My son loves to look through it and draw all of the different Pokemon.

– Brandy Mirande

I bought his for my 7 year old. She hasn’t put it down. Actually unless you want to scold your kid for hiding it in their backpack to take to school or sneaking it to bed to study the different characters, don’t buy it! I let her pick any special book she wanted as she has tons and she wanted this as she collects the cards too. I would call it a winner.

– Joseph R. Edwards

My five year-old daughter is a bit obsessed with Pokemon and this guide has been looked at probably daily for the past three months. Thankfully, we haven’t had the same problem as other negative reviewers with it falling apart and it definitely gets a lot of use. The pictures are beautiful and the information is good.

It’s organized alphabetically, so it’s easy to find something in particular if you know the name of it. My daughter loves to tell us about different Pokemon she read about and what type it is, how many times it evolves, etc. It’s a nice, simple guide for younger ones who want to get to learn a few facts about the Pokemon and identify them with a nice picture.

– NiFo

How To Download Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook

Many would prefer to get Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook in paperback but has received a lot of negative feedback. It’s not because of the content of the Pokemon handbook but of the pages that falls off from the bind. Well to some this may not be an issue at all but others are really mad about the issue. It is preferred to just download Pokemon Deluxe in pdf or epub formats. That way, no pages will ever fall of plus it is portable and can be read in any mobile device.

So if you want to read the book online of the Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook pdf or epub, then you can check it out by clicking the green download button above this page. Let me warn you that we cannot guarantee the availability of the Pokemon book but please just check it though. Learn more about Pokemon so go ahead and read Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook now!

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