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Here’s one of the most anticipated book of 2017 Pachinko Book by Min Jin Lee. The book Pachinko can be read online or downloaded with any format you may choose to enjoy reading with your device. The book Pachinko is a debut novel by Min Jin Lee and has already made waves in the literary world. A well received book, New York Times Bestseller, USA Today Bestseller, #1 Boston Globe Bestseller – for sure Pachinko by Min Jin Lee will be an incredibly enjoyable read.

Pachinko is regarded to be one of the best books of 2017 but what is it all about? It all began when Sunja was keeping a growing child from a rich older man from Japan. It was kept secret until the pregnancy showed obvious. The father of the child in Sunja’s womb offered an arrangement but was turned down. Sunja can’t bear to live in Japan with a man who already has a family. Although tempting, considering that her life would be better off – she insisted to raise the child alone.

Fortunately, one brave soul dared to save Sunja from definite shame of the family. Isak was more than willing to raise the child and offered Sunja to move with him to Japan. Being a a wife of a young pastor, Sunja then must act a “perfect behavior”. Aside from that, she is also bound to be a good Christian and raise her son Noa well. But the most fragile thing to do is to become a “good Korean” – as Koreans were greatly discriminated in Japan during the 1900’s.

Four generations went by as the story goes and it clearly portrays how Koreans were poorly treated and discriminated. To see how your homeland divided in two Koreas, it should be very hard for Sunja and her kin to piece up her origin. But what does the word “Pachinko” really means? It actually is a Japanese arcade where attendants in the Pachinko Parlor were mostly Koreans. That is why Koreans were heavily referred to such job and were also labeled as shady and dishonest.

It’s a very great read and many consider Pachinko by Min Jin Lee a true literary jewel. You will learn a lot about the history in the east as Min Jin Lee placed considerable historical background. It’s a well formed novel with good narrative prose. That should be enough as a short Pachinko summary as we don’t want to spoil this good novel. Also we strongly suggest you read Hin Jin Lee’s Pachinko book review taken from other readers of the book from GoodReads and Amazon.

Pachinko Review

What a marvelous, deeply engrossing novel about four generations of a Korean family in Japan. There was a lot of story here and a lot of history (of which I was woefully ignorant) and it is all rendered in impeccable prose with a touch of steeliness. Toward the end of the novel, things started to feel a bit rushed, not enough time with the characters. And certain folks just fell away but such is the nature of a sprawling multi-generational novel. I read this in one day because I simply could not put it down. By far one of the best books I’ve read this year.

– Roxane

Similar to “Homegoing” by Yaa Gysasi, this novel works in generational fashion with a close eye on history and the way its waves fold over each other before retreating back into the larger, omnipresent ocean. The depths of discrimination are told with nuance more than conviction, and there is a melancholy that enchants the entire text. A haunting mood for the reader to inhabit, if willing.

This is not a novel driven by plot; it is dense, and the reader must turn the pages–not the other way around. Indeed, Lee seemed to have refused to lean on the climactic moments, subduing them in a way few texts do. And though this lack of action may disappoint some readers, it is a confident decision that heightens the mood.

– Plubius

Its my opinion that this book is best read when you have a long weekend. Best to curl up and spend long days reading – get swept away. The writing is lush –gorgeous- –
Min Jin Lee has written a sublime line soap opera about the ways in which people treat one another —abandon and save one another. There is a message of hope and love.


– Elyse

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