ML Stedman The Light Between Oceans Book Download

ML Stedman The Light Between Oceans Book Download

ML Stedman The Light Between Oceans Book Download is finally here! The book is a book seller both at GoodReads and New York Times. Soon to be in the film, I can’t personally wait to watch it but I encourage you to read the book first. If you are looking for The Light Between Oceans book review, then this is not the website for you. There are book reviews made by the readers themselves included in this post below.

The story tells about a man who was working as lighthouse keeper. After years of being alone, he brought with him his lovely wife. Devastated with several miscarriages and a stillborn, the couples held each other to gather strength together. But one day, they were able to find a man and a baby on a washed up boat. His wife then took the baby as her own. Two years later when they returned to mainland Australia, bad news struck them. The story is really moving and you surely be emotionally stirred.

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Readers’ Review on ML Stedman The Light Between Oceans Book Download

“The Light Between Oceans” is not an easy book to review….the story is unique and one wouldn’t want to give away any part of the plot line. M.L. Stedman was born and raised in Western Australia, her discriptions of the coast of Australia are beautifully rendered. The beginning of the book takes place on an island off of the coast of mainland Australia. Stedman does an excellent job of setting us in a remote spot. She also draws her characters so well that one finds themselves thinking of them between readings. They and their problems become real…one wants to advise them as to what to do, or warn them of things they shouldn’t. This book is engrossing and with it’s many plot twists and turns it is always entertaining…doesn’t bog down or become predictable. Some of the passages are so profound that I found myself rereading them….. As stated by other reviewers, this is not a “happy” story. But it is a true to life story. The characters are flawed in ways that we all could possibly be …..M. L. Stedman…knows how to render time and place, people and situations with great skill. This is a first novel and I would not hesitate to read the next by this author….simply because I thought this was an excellent effort….we will be reading this for one of my reading groups. I have also recommended it to many of my fellow readers already. I know they will not be disappointed.

– Jean Brandt

You would never dream that The Light Between Oceans is a debut novel. The isolated setting of Janus Rock is indelibly drawn: the wind, the birds wheeling in the air, the crashing of the waves, the steady brilliance of the light at night. The sights, the scents, the sounds– they all live in the mind as do the streets and the inhabitants of the small town of Partageuse where Isobel’s parents live, and where Tom, Isabel and Lucy spend their infrequent leave.

It’s impossible to read this book and not become totally drawn in by the characters: the withdrawn and haunted Tom, the bold and laughing Isabel, and all the people who call Partageuse home. It was also impossible for me to read this book and not to choose sides. One of the major images of the book is this meeting of opposites. Janus Rock stands where the warm Indian and cold Antarctic Oceans meet. It’s where the taciturn Tom and the ebullient Isabel live. It’s where a brilliant light flashes continuously throughout the dark nights. It’s where a bad decision is made for all the right reasons. The town of Partageuse continues the image.

– Cathy G. Cole

M.L. Stedman’s book moved me to tears, a feat few authors have achieved. It is beautifully written–and yet fast paced enough so that I didn’t want to put it down. I found myself looking forward to returning to it throughout the day.

This is a good old-fashioned novel: plot driven with plenty of twists, well-drawn characters, poetic descriptions and good use of symbolism. Although I have never visited Western Australia, I could envision the places and people depicted in the book.

The Light Between Oceans as staying power–I continue to dwell on it despite the fact that I finished it months ago. It entertains and sustains.


How To Download ML Stedman The Light Between Oceans Book

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