Mein Kampf : My Struggle

Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf or My Struggle is a Facist book written by Adolf Hitler himself. This English translation of the original text is far more superior than the other translations made over the years. It is fair and has mad definitions of the difficult terms used. Mein Kampf book has two volumes. The first volume was written when Adolf Hilter was imprisoned. The second book was written after his release.

Many readers find Hitler both a genius and psychopath wanting to make the Germans rise not just for power but as for race. His book has been outlined in the Darwinian theory. Nature does not forgive weakness and Hitler himself wanted to exercise that undeniable truth of nature. Well that being said, Mein Kampf is really a good read. It’s history at it’s best.

You can download the English translation of Mein Kampf book in our website totally free. Mein Kampf comes in pdf, epub, lit, and mobi formats.

Reader’s Review on Mein Kampf

Hitler promised everyone everything. He was just the “right” person for that particular time. If times had been different, he would not have risen to power in all likelihood.

I find Hitler part genius, part psychopath.

The book — no matter what translation — is a must-read. It’s a classic. It’s a book that gives you insight into one of the most important minds of the 20th Century and in all of history.

– Susanna Hutcheson

I have read the 1943 Manheim translation, the 1939 Murphy translation, the 1939 Reynal & Hitchcock translation and the 2009 Ford translation. All have their own particular merits, and all appeal to certain audiences. The Manheim appeals to the scholarly and is indeed a faithful, word-for-word translation of Mein Kampf. However, it is incomplete. Further, following it in places can be very confusing in the English language, and many people I know have simply put it down in frustration. It’s obviously a scholar’s edition, as the German-language footnotes attest.

The Reynal & Hitchcock edition is a better flowing edition than the Manheim, in my opinion, but has been out of print since 1943, when the Manheim was published by Houghton-Mifflin. Why? Because Houghton-Mifflin did not want to pay royalties to Reynal & Hitchcock for their translation, so Ralph Manheim was commissioned for a new translation, which is, in fact, clumsier than the original.

– L.E. Camp

This is a intellectually stimulating book that makes for a interesting look at 1920s German politics. A very ambitious read, don’t buy it if you’re not prepared to dedicate time to it.

– Anthony Goodwin

How To Download Mein Kampf eBook

You don’t have to go anywhere else to download Mein Kampf book. We have provided it for you. This is not the original text but the English translation of Mein Kampf or My Struggle. With a single download, you should be getting 4 book considering that it is in 4 popular formats. The formats are as follows : pdf, lit, mobi, and epub. So go ahead and download Mein Kampf book today before the links will be taken down. Please be aware that a short verification process will taken before the Mein Kampf ebook download to ensure that we don’t get spammed.

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