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Me Before You Book by Jojo Moyes

Here’s the top selling! Me Before You Jojo Moyes PDF Book Download. This great book by Jojo Moyes tells a story about love and life. A picture of struggle in a window of happiness. Although the movie has stirred a controversy specially among the differently enabled individuals, the book is no doubt a great read.

Loved both by men and women readers, this book has earned great reviews by the book communities around the world. It’s a hit no doubt about it and if you want to read the book rather than just watching it in the screens, then this is your chance! You can get Me Before You Ebook by JoJo Moyes here at! Not so interesting? Then check the reviews below.

Readers’ Review on Me Before You Book by Jojo Moyes

What can I say about this book so that I won’t ruin it?
The only reason I picked up this book is because I read so many post-apocalyptic books. I figured it was time to change genres into something happier. Boy was I wrong. This book brought me to tears. It had me balling at the end and I’m a guy. Last thing I expected to do was to cry over a fictional character.

This book is about two people who are very different. Two people who would have never met if it wasn’t for Will’s accident, which turned him into a quadriplegic. There were moments in this book when I could feel Will’s humility and pain. How tasks that were once simple are now impossible to do without the help of another. There were funny moments that had me laughing out loud such as Louisa’s clumsiness. This is a great story about setting yourself free and experiencing what life has for you out there.

Jojo Moyes did a great job at creating realistic characters. The jokes they said were actually funny, their emotions could be felt, and it was nice to see Will and Louisa develop. Me Before You is a beautiful story. I’m happy I got to experience it!

– Moshe Telles

“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” This book….ugh. It evoked so many emotions from me, it’s ridiculous. I will let you know now that this may not be my best written review. I flew through this book so fast, captivated by every page, that I barely remembered to take notes or tab quotes and such that I liked. In the future when I reread this (which I most definitely will), I’ll do this book more justice by taking my time a bit more instead of devouring every line like a lifeline! I will try my best to keep my rambling to a minimum.

Louisa, aka Lou, is a very fun loving girl. She’s a people person, and her sense of style is at one time described by her sister as looking “like [she] had had a wrestling match in a charity shop”; so needless to say…interesting. Her main goal in life is to keep on living the simple, unchanging life that she has for many years. But all that alters when her job closes down suddenly, leaving her without work.

– Sheena Lynch

I really do get why disabled people are protesting against the movie resulting from this novel. I do hope that their objections are based on having actually read the book. I thought that it was a thoughtful examination of the issues that many of us have dealt with when a loved one becomes disabled and chooses to let go of their lives. There is hope and rage that comes from loving a disabled person who wants to die and that is what this novel is about. It’s all about love and loss and letting go. I didn’t feel that it glorified suicide at all.

– A. Jones

How To Download Me Before You Book by Jojo Moyes

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