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A book that is filled by life lessons taken from Admiral William H. McRaven when he addressed a speech at the University of Texas at Austin graduation on 2014. He gave 10 principles he learned during his Navy Seal Training that are necessary of one to overcome difficulties and achieve great things. The principles he shared are basic but the life lessons he foretold based on his experience is just pure gem. Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven is packed truly an inspiration to every leader and young individual.

You may have watched Admiral McRaven’s speech at Texas University (Youtube Video Here), the book tells everything with minute details. Some of you may be looking for Make Your Bed Every Morning Speech and curious what has been said there. It’s recommended that you should read the Make Your Bed Book by William McRaven instead and we are sharing the link here. But before you will download Make Your Bed pdf, I highly suggest that you should read some of its reviews taken from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

Make Your Bed Review

One of those “inspirational” or self-help books that come out from time to time. I heard the author interviewed, and wanted to read his book. It’s a quick read. Each chapter has advise for life, starting out with: “Make your bed.” Because when you start out accomplishing something at the start of every day, you are more likely to do more. I had to get the book back to the library or I would have made a succinct list, but other are: “Embrace your failures, because every life has them.” “Life isn’t fair.” “Never, ever give up. Keep hope.” I guess William Raven’s address to University of Texas graduating class is on YouTube. It might be worthwhile to take a look at that.

– Judy

In 2014 someone directed me to this speech on youtube when I diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. It was a game changer! My battle mantra became, “Don’t ever ring the bell”! It was on engraved on a plaque, and inscribed on T-Shirts worn by hundreds who gave moral and spiritual supported to me and my family. Thank you, Admiral McRaven. I’ll bet you’ll never know all the people you touched, and how many different ways your speech inspired people. Your speech gave me the courage to fight and win!

– Denise Garrity

This is very Team America in parts with some mixed blessings.

He means well, but saying at the start “God bless all the american citizens who died in 9/11”, but erm what about all the other people who died who weren’t american citizens ay?

Make your bed dammit!

– Cheese

Download Make Your Bed Book

No doubt this book by William McRaven is a must read and highly recommended to be shared to as many friends you have. However, let me give you a personal take on Make Your Bed pdf. The book has short chapters but packed with powerful advice and examples. There really not new or revolutionizing thoughts shared by William McRaven. It’s pretty practical, basic, but highly actionable. Other people may not like the book much considering there’s nothing new in it but I highly appreciate and love Make Your Bed book. I love how he segmented the topic into 10 principles. And what I learned generally from the book is that we need to do little things religiously with our best and the rest will just follow.

So getting back on how this Make Your Bed download possible, a third party service may be required so you can read the book. We highly respect the works of the author and publisher of Make Your Bed that’s why we are offering you this service. Also a link to amazon is included you can download or purchase the hardcover of Make Your Bed by William McRaven.


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