Lord of the Rings Books (Complete)

Lord of the Rings Books

You may have watched all installments of the Lord of the Rings. However, you may have not read the Lord of the Rings books right? Well you are in total luck! We are providing all books of the Lord of the Rings series in three different formats namely pdf, epub, and mobi. J.R.R. Tolkien‘s masterpiece can now be read in your mobile phone or mobile device all for free. You can get all books in just one download and that is a real hitter!

J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece is an all time best seller that the books are translated in over dozens of languages! Learn the adventures from Bilbo to Frodo Baggins and quest to destroy the ring of the the evil middle earth lord. If you weigh the Lord of the Rings books vs movies, one could instantly say books are way better. True because movies are made or tailored for visual entertainment. Other details might be removed or enhance for the sake of better cinematography. So the books really will give you an “unadulterated” story of the Lord of the Rings complete books series.

Readers’ Review on the Lord of the Rings

I’ll keep it brief, this is not a review of the actual story but of this specific edition. I have attached many pictures that I hope help you decide if this is an edition you want to buy.

– The font is big and easy to read.
– 65 beautiful illustrations by Alan Lee that bring the story to life.

– Slipcover is an opaque plastic, whit a modern look that I think doesn’t complement the book.
– One or two blank pages before and/or after each illustration.

– Paco

Very nice books, binding seems nice. I love the covers although they are not “paperback” and are more of a fake leather material. These books are beautiful and very convenient. They are pocket-sized which is great for on the go, they aren’t too small or too big (actually bigger than I anticipated which is a plus). The font size is readable, the only thing I would have to note is that the font size isn’t the same throughout the different books. The font size seems to be based on the length of the books, the longer the books are, the smaller the font is (I suppose this was in order to keep them pocket-sized as well as consistent with the sizes of the other books throughout the set). If you have decent to good eyes, this set would be perfectly fine for you on the go but those people who don’t have as good of eye sight, because I know some people who tend to get headaches while focusing on small font, this set may not be for you. I will upload some pics of the font comparisons, books, etc.

– B

Having only an old 1994 worn paperback edition of the Lord of the Rings, I wanted to purchase a version that I could read and display for many years to come. I did a ton of research and decided upon this version (ISBN 116-1749849-2513827), illustrated by Alan Lee and published by Harper Collins in June 2014 (I am adding these details because the Amazon.com site does not make it clear what this version is). Please note that this particular printing is NOT available in the US but any Tolkien or LotR devotee should not be deterred (Frodo wouldn’t have been!). I must say that this is the finest published one-volume version of the LotR that I have ever laid eyes upon, and is well worth every penny. It includes approximately 50 high-quality color illustrations by Alan Lee, which even for a 30-something like me makes the reading experience exceptional. The front and back covers are made of durable, high-quality cloth (as shown), with a strong and handsome turquoise binding. The pages — not just the illustrations but the entire book — are glossy and made of “whiter” paper than you generally find, the margins large, and the typeset easy on the eyes.

– Benjamin D

How to Download the Lord of the Rings

You can easily get all the books of the Lord of the Rings with just a single download. In one download, you should be able to get the following titles in three formats namely epub, pdf, and mobi.

The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King
The Hobbit

All these four Lord of the Rings books can be downloaded safely that includes all three popular ebook formats. Just hit the big green download button to get started. It should bring you to the exclusive download page for the Lord of the Rings books where the title, file size, author, and other details can be found. It should then ask you for a short verification for the download to proceed. So that’s it! Enjoy reading all books of the Lord of the Rings.

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