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Little Fires Everywhere Book written by Celeste Ng is one of the most received publication in 2017! Reading it will surely give you the best experience of Celeste Ng’s latest book. A lot are saying that this book by Celeste Ng is one of the books that one should ever read. So what is Little Fires Everywhere Book about?

Imagine you would live in a place where everything is planned from the colors of the houses, the roads, just everything in it – Elena Richardson perfectly embodies the spirit of the Shaker Heights. Located in a Cleveland suburb, things are just in order and it must be a paradise to live in. But just one day, a single mom arrives to rent one of the duplexes owned by Elena herself. Mia with her daughter Pearl seems to get along well with the Richardsons especially with the four children of Elena.

Elena being a control freak leads her four children to be drawn to the mother-daughter tandem of Mia and Pearl. This has also lead Elena to dig up further to how mysterious her new neighbor is. Apart from that, things went even more complicated when an old friend of the Richardsons prompted to adopt a Chinese-American baby that erupts a custody battle and eventually divides the town. Two opposing sides separates them and has even made Elena to be determined to uncover Mia’s past – only that she discovers a past that will cost her so much.

Celeste Ng Little Fires Everywhere is really a great read and people are saying that this is so far best book that has solid and great character development. Near to real life, Little Fires Everywhere book embodies friendship, family, love, and humanity with a touch of romance and mystery. I don’t know if you can find a better Little Fires Everywhere summary elsewhere than here on AED but you can also check somewhere like GoodReads or perhaps see the listing for Little Fires Everywhere Amazon.

And by the way, before you decide to read online Little Fires Everywhere book, I would suggest you check first the list of collated Little Fires Everywhere review below. We have taken these Little Fires Everywhere Book reviews both from Amazon and GoodReads.

Little Fires Everywhere Reviews

I could not put this book down. I loved the rhythm of it, how it was beautifully described, like the art Mia created with her photographs. This is the story of Mia, a self described nomad who travels the United States with her daughter Pearl, until they reach Shaker Heights in Ohio.

There they meet their landlord, Mrs. Richardson, with her family, and their lives intertwine.

The story is well developed, hopeful and sad; Beautifully told.

– Mayte

Little Fires Everywhere is a great example of how small character dynamics can create a powerful and fascinating story. I love the empathy the author shows for all the people in this book – even the manipulative, morally corrupt and undeserving. No one is merely good or bad. And that is what makes the book so effective. Whose side am I on? I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out.

– Emily May

Sometimes one of my greatest frustrations with books I read is that it is difficult for me to believe that a character would do something egregious as a knee-jerk reaction to something they don’t agree with. I know, I’m reading fiction, which isn’t always directly based on real life, but sometimes a character’s actions are so ridiculous and ring so false that they really change my feelings about a book.

– Larry H

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