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Here’s another anticipated book for 2017 Lincoln In The Bardo by George Saunders is truly a unique book. Read it online or download using your mobile device, you surely find yourself caught in a story where a touch of history and horror packed in one punch! Perhaps many argue reading than listening to the Lincoln in the Bardo audiobook is way better as you can understand the plot way better. Well you can always choose to buy or download George Saunders’ Lincoln in the Bardo pdf or any available formats that your ebook readers can support.

So what is the New York Times bestselling book about? The war just turned a year where President Abraham Lincoln’s 11 year old son, Willie died of typhoid fever. Abe grieved so much that he visits at night to hold the boys body which was laid at the Georgetown cemetery alone. From this tiny piece of truth George Saunders made a horror-historical-fiction masterpiece that many are loving to read – Lincoln In The Bardo book.

Young Willie Lincoln finds himself among the ghosts that mingle, quarrel, and does unusual acts of penance in the purgatory. This is a transitional state in the supernatural world called in Tibetan term – the bardo. To which Willie’s soul must undergo to struggle with. Story is or narrated by several ghosts which apparently gives a lighter and hilarious side to even terrifying situations.

The imagination of George Saunders is unparalleled giving readers surprisingly interesting read. Too few are really interested in this type of genre but George Saunders Lincoln In The Bardo is way an exemption. Well I know you are wanting to read the book but I highly suggest you read the Lincoln In The Bardo Review first taken from our fellow bookworms at GoodReads and Amazon. So here is a short review of Lincoln and the Bardo book.

Lincoln In The Bardo Book Review

Amidst all of the conversations are excerpts of historical texts regarding Lincoln’s behavior, his suffering. Some are letters sent to the President regarding the War from grieving parents. Some are compassionate and lovely. All paint a picture of an unbearable loss. Lincoln’s loss. The loss of the families whose sons were fighting in the war, or who had fought and were never coming home.

Having never read anything by George Saunders before, I am a bit in awe of the thought process that went into this rather astounding and poignant debut novel. I loved this, despite heartbreaking moments, it is strangely wonderful, the brilliance behind it still shone through.


– Cheri

I almost want to break this review into two parts. One for those who know Saunders and one for those who’ll be experiencing him for the first time. What does it matter? Well, you’re about to hear and read a lot about this book, Lincoln in the Bardo, about Saunders himself (there was so much press with Tenth of December that I feel like he and I have hung out multiple times; that I know all his stories), and about his genius. Then, if you’ve never read him, and especially if you haven’t read much in the way of modern or post-modern literature, you’re going to pick up this book and put it down in about five minutes. That, dear readers, would be a grave (see what I did there?) error, a real tragedy. Why? Because Saunders’ much anticipated first novel really is as genius as the stories and interviews and blurbs are going to claim, but you have to do a little more of the work as a reader than you might be used to.

– Mike W.

Lincoln in the Bardo is such a beautifully crystallized portrait of life, death, grief, and getting on, and really emphasizes our shared humanity in its unusual storytelling. I started and stopped in fits, but one massive read in a single sitting was the way for me to go on this, allowing it to crash and wash over me completely, and get acquainted with the style and be fully receptive to the ideas expressed here. Once submerged in the unique format, I was incredibly moved by the way Saunders is able to link the singular sadness and pain of one man losing his son (one great, historically critical man) to the comings and goings and suffering and salvation of all. This read was a force of nature for me: random, unexpected, bold, brilliant. It was unable to be fully pinned down into thought or analysis by me, but so easily appreciated and awed by its power and beauty. A full 5 stars for me, and likely to be my favorite read of the month (if not the year), as it’s continued to haunt me since finishing it.

– Sam

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