Leaders Eat Last Book by Simon Sinek

Leaders Eat Last Book Simon Sinek

There is one book that any leader should ever read – Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek. There are reasons why organizations are successful and others are not. The book Leaders Eat Last dissects and answers the whys of how leader – member relationship will work effectively. Simon Sinek gathers and lays many examples starting off with the biochemistry, military, down to history. It lets us understand how an effective leader can make a team do extraordinary things.

Trust is the key to the success to any team or organization. But who orchestrates such? Of course the leader. But how can a leaders set an example for his or her team? Does the Leaders Eat Last book suggests complicated methods? No, but rather simple gestures such as eating make a huge difference. It’s like you are feeding a troop and the troop will look at you as someone they can trust and can even put their lives at stake for you. Modern approaches may already have been followed but Simon Sinek teaches us that a very simple method works perfectly better.

Before you are looking to download and read Leaders Eat Last book by Simon Sinek, I highly suggest you read some of our amassed Leaders Eat Last reviews both taken from our friends at GoodReads and Amazon. Also, you may check out some of Leaders Eat Last summary as we are only giving you an overview of this great book by Simon Sinek.

Leaders Eat Last Review

In Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek explores this unique ability to work together and how leaders make that happen. Sinek examines the chemicals that course through our veins; the ones that tell us we are happy, sad, angry or stressed. These emotions are the ones leaders must move with and against to create change.

This is a great book. I assumed that the book would focus more on the concept of leaders humbling themselves and putting others first. Though that is a theme, it was not highlighted very brightly. A more accurate title would be the The Chemicals of Leadership.
Sinek is a great author. He is interesting and easy to read. I would recommend this book.

– Reid McCormick

I would’ve like to read more about detailing his anecdotes rather than injecting his opinions and connections as to why one way was wrong and one way was right. While certainly some truth to his feelings about our current society, many of his parts seemed narrow-minded and myopic. For example, he bashes baby boomers for acting in their own self-interest. It was their selfish actions, he claims, that lead to a greater number of severe economic recessions. Sinek sees the baby boomers’ selfishness as the catalyst to this downfall in societal morality. But what about what they’ve created over that time? Things like the internet and the modern day computer. He leaves that out.

– Tim McLynn

Not only does it feel good to put people before profits, it’s also (ironically) more profitable. Furthermore, the reason it feels good to lead by example, to put your people first, and for that matter to follow a leader who does so, is because we’re hard wired to survive in this way. And all of our happy chemicals squirt when we’re in this type of social environment.

Human beings are wired to win via cooperating. Chimpanzees lead via domination. Effective human leadership emerges from environments of empathetic cooperation. That’s (ironically) why were the dominant primate species on the planet and not chimpanzees.

– Morgan Blackledge

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This Simon Sinek book entails ideas that are not new or revolutionizing but simply draws and points out practical things what makes a team or not. Man needs a reason to trust someone. How can it be done? By going back to the ancestral roots of how man behaves. It tells the chemistry that makes a good leader. Personally, this book is one of the best reads by far. Leaders Eat Last book did no disappoint me. Now if you want to get a copy of the book, I highly suggest you get it straight to Amazon or use our affiliate link. We highly respect the rights of the author and the publisher.

Just hit the read now button to proceed with the amazon purchase link. You surely will enjoy this Simon Sinek book – Leaders Eat Last.

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