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Killing Reagan PDF by Bill O’Reilley is another book under the “Killing” series. Many reviews focused on the poorly written book rather than the story of Reagan and his presidency. Many have pointed out factual inaccuracies and the story is just a rehash of tabloid stories. Anyway, aside from the bashing of the fans to the author Killing Reagan might also be a great read.

Great read considering that Reagan was among the greatest US presidents ever. Being in the term on the fall of the Iron Curtain and the other government controversies. He himself didn’t escape as he was attempted to be assassinated. Well if you want to check the book first hand, why don’t you get one by downloading it here at Also, please do check the reviews provided below.

Readers’ Review on Killing Reagan PDF by Bill O’Reilley

As an “O’Reilly Factor” and “Killing…” books fan, I was looking forward to the latest entry of the series that has somewhat reignited a degree of historic interest among many in the “historically-challenged” US population. By spotlighting one of our greatest presidents – and written by a seemingly objective conservative pundit who I believed would ensure fair treatment – I assumed it would stand as a credible addition to the voluminous scholarship on President Reagan.

As difficult as this is to write, I can only say that I was wrong. To my surprise and disappointment, it is perhaps the most factually distorted, negatively skewed, and misleading portrayal I have read on one of our greatest and most influential presidents.

– Mark E. Quartullo

This is certainly the worst of O’Reilly’s increasingly disappoint “Killing” series. First of all, Reagan didn’t die. Secondly, this badly written book must have been ghost written. It is poorly done. Third, as is happening more and more with the “Killing” books, it is all back story. Most of the early part of the book is devoted to biographies of other folks like Nixon and Ford. Too much time is spent on Reagan’s not very exciting acting career. You are more than 2/3rds of the way through the book before Reagan is even elected president. It portrays Reagan’s entire life in a negative light. This is a weak book by an increasingly weak author(or a poor ghostwriter).

– No BS Guy

I am a big fan of the O’Reilly Factor show, so I am not writing this not so good review with any bias against Bill O’Reilly. However, Bill O’Reilly tends to be a bit disappointing. I have in the past fallen prey to a book or two of his that was simply a reprint of interviews I had seen on the Factor.

The Pro’s of the Book: It is written in a style that makes it a quick and fairly entertaining read. Even though I have a pretty in depth history background, I am not one of these people that has problems with popular history. There is absolutely nothing wrong with popular history, and if it were not for popular history like Walter Lord or Bruce Catton, I would never have become so interested in history. So, if I was someone who knew little about Reagan or just wanted a beach read, this book is ok in that respect. Also, it was very interesting when it did go into some detail on John Hinckley JR, there I read stuff I had not read previously. Unfortunately the book surprisingly went into not much detain on Hinckley or the actually assassination.

– Wutanglen

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