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The first immortal cell line ever produced is the HeLa. The word HeLa is taken from the first two letters of a cancer patient named Henrietta Lacks. The HeLa immortal cell line is regarded to be the most prolific and popular cell line used in scientific studies. There was much controversy in the extraction of the said cell line taken from Henrietta Lacks by Dr. George Otto Gey as there was no clear consent from her and her family.

The Hela cell is regarded to be immortal because it does not die after the supposedly natural pattern of cell death after some number of cell divisions. A very useful cell line that is linked to experiments ranging from polio vaccine development to finding cancer cures. The first successfully human cell clone had become very significant in the scientific study regardless of how it was taken from the body of Henrietta Lacks.

Rebecca Skloot then made a book about how the popularity of the HeLa cell life came to be and it’s effect on the Lacks Family. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks book is indeed a book that foretells the lasting effect of the popularity of the cell line. It dramatizes how the Lacks children once again were able to see and hold a piece of their mother, but in a tubes inside a laboratory.

Aside from the book, a lot are even wanting to watch the Henrietta Lacks movie. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks movie became sensational and more people has learned about the significance or importance of the cell being taken from her. But as from me, it is best to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks pdf before watching the movie so you will have better grasp than watching Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks movie.

Readers’ Review on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Book

I found this book quite interesting. Living in the DC area, it was really interesting to see how hospitals treated (or didn’t treat) blacks. Considering Hopkins Hospital is so well known for its cancer treatment, I was quite shocked to see how they used samples for experimental treatment without permission of the patient. Henrietta Lacks was an amazing person and, as an advanced cancer patient myself, I really enjoyed this book.

– Barb

On October 4, 1951, Henrietta Lacks, a thirty-one-year old black woman, died after a gruesome battle with a rapidly metastasizing cancer. During her treatment, the doctors at Johns Hopkins took some cells from her failing body and used them for research. This was not an unusual thing to have done in 1951. But the cells that came from Ms. Lacks’ body were unusual. They had qualities that made them uniquely valuable as research tools. Labeled “HeLa”, Henrietta’s cells were reproduced by the billions over the following sixty years and have been instrumental in experiments across a wide range of biological science. Today, HeLa cells are sold by the vial at impressive prices. Yet, Ms. Lacks’ family has seen not a penny of compensation from the work that has been made possible by their relative’s unique cells.

– Will Byrnes

I ordered this book to read for one of my Ethics classes. I was worried about so much assigned reading to complete in one week, but it turned out to be a book that you just can’t put down.

It still amazes me that this is a woman’s real life story, the story of her family, and how they have impacted science and anyone who works or benefits from the use of cellular research. That means just about every single person is connected to Henrietta in one way or another.

This was a great book that I’m so glad I read. I learned a lot and it kept me entertained and fascinated for days. It will really change your perspective and make you appreciate this woman’s contribution to our scientific and health fields.

– Bccaly

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