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Ice by Lyn Gardner Book Download

Here’s another LGBT great read : Ice Lyn Gardner pdf Download. It tells about the lives of crime detectives that has different ways to do what is right in their job. Being assigned as a team to solve a case, they eventually split ways. But after three years, they were back on the trail to solve crimes again. But things came that they didn’t expect. There was a case in which Alex and Maggie were to solve but only to be caught in a blizzard. They were fighting to survive and fighting the feelings that they have been keeping for years.

Entertaining read which is something I have never tried reading. It’s sexy as I love lesbian women too. Anyway, Ice by Lyn Gardner pdf is a great read not only for the LGBT society but to anyone as well. What’s even better is that you can download and read it totally free here at Before downloading Ice by Lyn Gardner, why don’t you check on the review below just to break the Ice.

Readers’ Review on Ice by Lyn Gardner Book Download

Maggie and Alex are both Detective Inspectors in London, but don’t let this fool you. This is novel has very little to do with their jobs and everything to do with their relationship. Immediately we are introduced to the tension and animosity between these two women. They are polar opposites in many respects. So once again don’t expect anything do with police procedure.

This book reads very fast and is incredibly fun. I never once felt like it bogged down. From the moment the plane went down I was completely hooked and honestly I think my favorite part was the middle third of the book as these women fought for survival. Alex was especially amazing and I loved her stubborn drive to survive against all odds. I thought that the author handled the romance between the characters very well and their relationship developed realistically. There are a few “hot” scenes for those interested in such things. *wink*

– Jen

Set against a back drop of survival, this tale involves two very strong minded characters fighting to survive their own mounting feelings for each other. There’s not much that they can do about the situation they find themselves in, but battling their own emotions could prove to be more damaging than the snow storm that has trapped them.

The author has done a fine job in setting out the two characters personalities early on, so that we can understand their reactions to situations as they arise. The pace of the story telling is compelling, drawing the reader into the story from the start, so that it’s difficult to put the book down, and you find you don’t want to. You become invested in the characters and want to see how they cope, not just with the survival aspect, but also with their inner emotions.

– Anjoka

I love stories that walk the fine line between love and hate. An attraction and a passion that is fiery and fierce. The battle of wills and the inevitable loss of control as they give into the attraction that drives them nearly mad. The change from facing off against each other to facing love and life together. The characters were up against all odds but, in this case, love really does conquer all. This is my second read through and I enjoyed it even more than the first…

However, I still would have liked…

More flashbacks from when they were partnered before. I think without more flashbacks to them fighting with one another and fighting their desire we missed out on some great foreplay. A tad more verbal sparring on the plane would have been fun too.

– Candie Kisses

How To Download Ice by Lyn Gardner Book Download

It’s pretty easy to get Ice by Lyn Gardner pdf download! Just hit the big green download button above and it bring you to the download page. The download page contains the details of Ice like the title, file size, author, and format. And by the way, with a single download you will be getting three formats of the book. Ice comes in pdf, epub, and mobi. So whatever ebook reader you are using, you should be able to read the book without any problems. So what are you waiting for? Got get Ice by Lyn Gardner pdf download now.

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