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Find Her by Lisa Gardner eBook

Find Her by Lisa Gardner is yet another great suspense thriller book to read. Flora Dane having been held captive for 472 days and after escaping for the ordeal, she has to adjust to the “normal” life for five years. Through her experience, she was able to see help detectives determine killer behaviors. Not so long, she herself disappeared and the FBI is determined that yet another predator is on the loose. Is she the victim?

Find Her by Lisa Gardner is a great and must read for all suspense-thriller fans out there. And if you using your mobile phone to read ebooks, then you are also in luck. provides ebook copies of Find Her for desktop and mobile ebook readers. With a single download, you should be able to get different formats of Find Her ebook by Lisa Gardner and of course it’s totally free.

Readers’ Review on Find Her eBook

When you read a Lisa Gardener book, there really are monsters under the bed. They invariably open with a character you don’t understand doing things you don’t understand. You just know things will grow dark very quickly.

In FIND HER, we meet Flora Dane. She’s tough, she’s sexy, she’s smart and she is broken in so many ways. Seven years earlier,when she was a college student wandering a Florida beach during spring break, she was kidnapped and held captive for 472 days, much of that in a coffin-sized wooden box. She was tormented and abused, and finally killed her kidnapper.

– E. Burian Mohr

For those who haven’t encountered the driven DD before, she is a fortyish tough homicide detective who is learning to combine her demanding job with a husband and small son. It’s not always an easy fit. This her first active case since returning to the job after a serious injury. But she is sidelined to a supervisory role. The ever-active, too often lone wolf DD chafes at the restrictions forced on her as she searches for not one, or two, but possibly four, kidnap victims.

A large measure of the success of Gardner’s later books, is the creation of a strong secondary character. Sometimes this is a potential victim, sometimes a suspect. And in “Find Her,” Gardner ably combines the two: Flora Dane was herself a victim when she was kidnapped and held captive for more than a year. But Flora is determined to fight the victim stereotype and has trained herself to fight back. She is haunted by her days of incarceration; being ‘freed’ and being ‘free’ are, for Flora, two different things.

– Lazy Day Gardener

Flora Dane was kidnapped and held captive for 472 days. Can you imagine what kind of hell that must have been? Better yet, now imagine what part of your soul you have to give up to survive. To survive that ordeal you would have to give up a part of yourself, tuck it away in a little box, hope that someday it could be recovered again….maybe (if your lucky) or maybe not! You may be giving up that part of yourself forever just to survive. To deal with what is being done to you. Flora, was taken for more than a year! She had to either adapt or die. Throughout the book we find out what happened to Flora during those 472 days and what is happening to her now.

– Jennifer Medlock

How To Download Find Her

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