Every Fifteen Minutes By Lisa Scottoline

Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline

Every Fifteen Minutes book by Lisa Scottoline is one of the best thrillers of year. This psychiatric-thriller novel is perfect for all thriller seekers out there. The story is really epic and a must read. This New York Times best seller has received a lot of accolades praising for it’s gripping twists.

The story goes along when a just-divorced Dr. Eric Parrish and a head of a Psychiatric center in Philadelphia takes on a patient. Max, a seventeen year old kid who is troubled to handle his grandmother’s illness. He likes a girl but his condition makes him high risk. When the girl whom Max “loved” was found dead and murdered cold – things went wilder and crazier. Max is nowhere to be found and Eric is obliged to find him.

Every Fifteen Minutes ebook by Lisa Scottoline opens a door to let us see the world of sociopaths. You can easily download Every Fifteen Minutes ebook through our website by clicking the green “Download Now” button. A short survey is required to be answered before the download is available. When you are done answering the short survey, you should receive Every Fifteen Minutes Ebook Download in popular formats like .mobi, .pdf, .epub, and .lit respectively.

Reader’s Comments on Every Fifteen Minutes

Be prepared, as this interesting novel gets off to a slow start in the first quarter of the reading. But that’s Okay. It is setting the stage for the remainder of the book where the action and intrigue takes off like a rocket. The story and events are well researched and deal with modern psychological issues that seem to be increasingly present in our modern societies. I believe this novel will appeal to a wide range of readers, and, very likely, could one day soon become adapted for the big screen.

– Robert Steven Thomas

That’s what I would like right now. 15 more minutes to this book. It was so good I didn’t want it to end. Boy, did it keep you guessing as to who was the sociopath. Lisa’s book are always entertaining and this one is no exception. If it were summer I would say it’s a great beach read but since it’s too early for that, curl up on the sofa with this book and enjoy.

– Gmboyle

The protagonist of this novel, Dr. Eric Parish, is the Chief of a renowned psychiatric unit. Unlike many mental health professionals I have dealt with in my life, this character shows depth of emotion and real empathy for his patients. Unfortunately for our hero, in tandem with his crumbling family life, he becomes the target of a ruthless sociopath, hell bent on both destroying his career and, ultimately, his life.

The narrative structure of Every Fifteen minutes oscillates between the POV of Dr. Parish and that of his sociopath nemesis. Impeccably researched, this narrative device gives the reader the opportunity to delve into the mind of sociopath and explore the details of such a psychopathy. Though the author is certainly not sympathetic toward the sociopath character, the ruthlessness, cunning and wit of the character is almost admirable.

– Casie Marie

How to Download Every Fifteen Minutes eBook

To download Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline. You simply just have to click on the green download button at the beginning of this article. What’s more is that you’ll not only get a single format of Every Fifteen Minutes eBook but three. The format of the ebooks that you will get from this download will include epub, pdf, and mobi. So what are you waiting now? Go get the said ebooks by start downloading now. It’s free and surely you’ll enjoy reading Lisa Scottoline’s Every Fifteen Minutes eBook.


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