The Definitive Book Of Body Language

Definitive Book of Body Language

The Definitive Book of Body Language is a must read book. It is an essential book for anyone wanting to ace in job interviews or aiming to strike a business deal. Although I have read several books about Body Language and Non-verbal Cues. The Definitive Book of Body Language is packed with all the essential details. Complete with situational examples, you really could relate to the book.

This book will help you in getting the edge on job interviews or to sell a merchandise. Gestures and actions can be easily read non-verbally. A useful book even when trying to hit a girl in a party. It’s like a Swiss-army knife for your survival in today’s competitive world. Highly sought by many entrepreneurs, salesmen, students, and book enthusiasts just like you.

Backed up by psychology and biology research, you can’t be wrong with reading this book. It’s a total guide that will teach you how to understand others and of course yourself. The Definitive Book of Body Language can be downloaded totally free at All you need to do now is to click the green “Download Now!” button above!

Readers’ Review on The Definitive Book of Body Language

I have read and enjoyed Allan and Barbara Pease’s other bestsellers Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps and Why Men Lie and Women Cry: How to Get What You Want Out of Life by Asking and therefore was really looking forward to reading this book. It was quite a disappointment. Half of the body language described seems perfectly obvious to me. Some of the explanations were useful, but others were dubious or downright mistaken.

It didn’t start well when on page 7 the caption under Schwarzenegger showing the thumb up explained that it meant five in Japan, which is utterly false. I can forgive one mistake, but not dozens, and the book is filled with them. Here are other examples.

– Wilmington

This book introduces body language from the point of view of business executives. The authors specialize in the use of body language for business and politics. I found the illustrations and photos that accompany the text to be very funny and appropriate. This is not a very scholarly book, so if you’re looking for a very serious and academic book about the study of body language, then this isn’t the volume you’re looking for, but if you’d just like an introduction to body language from a practical point of view, then this is a perfect book to read. In addition, it is very easy and entertaining to read, so I can recommend this to anyone.

T. Hooper

This is a fascinating book! What I liked most were the many illustrations demonstrating the authors’ points throughout the book. Read the text though–there is so much more to this book. The author’s sense of humor, though a little dry, added entertainment to an already enlightening read. I especially liked the courtship section. It is amazing that women send signals an average of 5 times before the men they are interested in respond. It just shows you how dense we men are. I found it unsettling that if you are interested in another woman at a party, the woman you are with will pick up your signal is a New York minute. And, if another woman starts flirting with you from across a room, the woman you are with will send recognizable body language to the other female: “hands off, he’s mine–you’re looking at trouble.”

– Dirk J. Willard

How To Download The Definitive Book of Body Language

Not much of a worry. The Definitive Book of Body Language can be downloaded for free in this website. The download will include three books in the same title. They come in pdf, epub, and mobi. So if you wish to get the book, then just hit the green “Download Now!” button above of this page. You will then be taken to the download page where the details of the book are. Also, a short verification is required before the Definitive Book of Body Language can be downloaded for free.

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