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Here another another addition to the masterpiece collection of DavidBaldacci – The Last Mile book. The anticipation of all David Baldacci books is now over! You can get the book totally free with our available download. In just a single download, you should be able to get David Baldacci’s The Last Mile in three different formats namely pdf, epub, and mobi. There is no reason why you can’t read the book!

The Last Mile book tells about the cunning Amos Decker who was trying save an convicted man’s life by proving his innocence. But as the investigation gets deeper, so as the trouble with it. David Baldacci’s style is so compelling and the twists are truly unexpected. That is why David Baldacci books are a must read for all real thrill-themed novels. Again, here at www.allebookdownloads.com you can get the book in different formats all for free.

Readers’ Review on David Baldacci’s The Last Mile

The second book in the Decker series is a better effort than the first. In contrast to the first book, the plot has twists and turns but stays in the realm of the plausible. The characters get better development and the secondary characters are more interesting. In particular, two new characters, a recently released convict and his father have very interesting and surprising developments, not all good, but all well thought out and written. Decker becomes less of a super-hero type figure and more of a good detective with an interesting ability. His character development comes along as well and by the end of the book, I was glad I didn’t pass on this one, because I almost did.

– John A. Isakson

I deserve five stars for finishing the book. The plot was workable, but the characters — including Amos Decker, memory man — did nothing to capture my interest. Decker didn’t really need his memory to solve the crimes. As for the other good guys, well, I couldn’t tell them apart. They were interchangeable, no personality differences whatsoever. The dialogue was trite and stilted. The attempts at humor failed. The ending was predictable.

– Steven Y

This is a perfectly fine mystery thriller, but in a way, it suffers from how good it’s predecessor was. The plot of this book was fairly predictable, although there were a few twists here and there. By the middle of the book, you pretty much knew who was who and what was what. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad read. My real complaint about the book is the characters seemed way underdeveloped. Part of it is that there are way to many of them, so none really get their fair due. The other is that in the first Decker novel, so much time is spent getting to know Decker’s mind, and in this novel, you don’t really get to know anybody. Each individual seems like they’ve been put in place to fill the archetypes needed for a mystery novel. I didn’t really care about any of them, and I wasn’t afraid for any of them. So, it’s a fun read, but Baldacci has done much better. This novel felt more like a script. You almost needed actors to exude emotion, otherwise, everybody either felt like they had none, or they were cartoonish. I think it would make a better movie than book.

– J. Wells

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