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A Hologram for the King made waves but Dave Eggers The Circle PDF Book is making even more noise! The Circle by Dave Eggers is one of the great books that one should read considering the technologies that we are “enjoying” today. It’s not far from reality as the governments monitor or track people of their online activities. The book tells about how online security affects our lives that secrets are no longer secrets. It’s a fitting book to read for all people who are into the internet or having activities online. The Circle by Dave Eggers is a book that moves us and let’s us think of how vulnerable people are specially about the limits of our knowledge.

Dave Eggers The Circle Book can be downloaded through our book review website. And what’s even better? It’s totally safe and legitimate. And if you are looking for full The Circle Book Dave Eggers review, well you can only find a partial book review of The Circle in here. We have intentionally posted several The Circle Book reviews from Amazon buyers and readers down below.

Readers’ Review on Dave Eggers The Circle Book

The Circle is Dave Eggers’ response to what’s happening to us all: the fundamental transformation of human society created by perpetual electronic connectedness. Surely you’ve felt it. I know I have…and I’m glad that a major novelist like Eggers has taken it on. Someone needs to.

Eggers wraps his criticism of this phenomenon around a company called The Circle, a thinly disguised version of Google. We experience the inner workings of The Circle through our protagonist Mae who has landed her dream job of being a “Circler,” one of the most coveted and hippest jobs that a young 20-something could hope for.

The Circle is, from the outset, a creepy sort of insulated company in which every possible need of the Circlers (almost all of whom are under 30) is provided for: on site parties headlined by notable performers, clothing stores stocking the latest products, residences and more. Circlers need never leave the campus (and why would they want to? Surely there could be no more exciting place in the world to be). Oh, one catch: make sure to always be participating in the company’s social media at all times; a failure to participate might indicate that you’re not a team player or worse….you might be antisocial. One thing the Circle cannot abide is a lack of complete participation at all times.

– Gary Shroeder

This is a little close to home for me since my daughter works for a social media mega company but I did think Dave Eggers spin on what social media could do to/for the world is interesting and a bit of a scary read. Mae starts her career after college with the help from a friend, Annie who is going places at a Silicon Valley mega social media corporation. The Circle seems harmless enough and has some really great perks – ice cream, state of the art workout facilities, fine dining and living quarters. Soon she finds herself surrounded by events she is “required” to attend and post online to bump her ratings in the Circle community. “Sharing is Caring” is one of the company’s mottoes and as Mae soon discovers, her popularity and place in the company is slipping due to her perceived lack of interest in sharing every aspect of her day with the world.

The Circle begins new programs to track and pry into every part of the world’s life and soon some around her begin to rebel. Her family and old friends will have trouble dealing with this obsession Mae has with her job. There is also a mystery man who could turn out to be the best thing for her or get her fired. All is not what it seems within the company. Is it the beginning of a perfect world for all or will it be closer to George Orwell’s “1984”. “The Circle” will be enjoyed (or feared) by those just about to enter the job market, already in up to their neck or those that fear social media in general. As I turn to hit the button that will send this review to various social media, I am already thinking differently about all my smart devices and behavior.


1. If a social media corporation were to achieve a complete monopoly of all public and private information, we’d be in danger of becoming a totalitarian society.

2. People often willingly give up their privacy for convenience, societal benefit, or a needy and self-centered desire for affirmation.

If these premises seem facile to you, you might not enjoy Dave Egger’s new novel, the Circle.

The writing is straight, mainstream, third-person limited narration. You won’t find any of the layered themes, complex metaphor, formal experimentalism, stylistic prose or psychological lyricism common in modern literary fiction. Whether you’ll consider this a bug or a feature is mainly a matter of taste; but it’s worth mentioning, given Eggers’ McSweeney’s pedigree (this is the first book I’ve read by Eggers, so I wasn’t sure what to expect).

– Asher Kay

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