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There are so many history books about the British monarchs and royalties and does not bring any interest except for Dan Jones’ The Plantagenets Book. The book is no comparison and The Plantagenets : The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England is a beautiful historical narrative. Dan Jones is a historian and broadcaster but also is a very good story teller. His style of writing draws everyone to continue reading The Plantagenets PDF and often believe that they are reading a fiction book instead of it being a narrative history. You will learn a lot about the Kings and Queens of England before the Tudors – the Plantagenets where there.

It was a colorful moment of England when the Plantagenets started to dominate in power. Innovations in the military and politics specifically how the parliamentary affairs were shaped. The approximately 250 years of rule both produced great and worst Kings of England’s history. From their best King Henry III to the considered worst King Richard II. It spans 8 generations of Plantagenet monarchs between years 1154 to 1399 and that those years where both the golden and the muddy years of England.

Not only that there where those great and worst Kings, England was also doomed by the devastation of the Black Death. But all these things started off with the shipwreck – where the bottom of the White Ship scarred by a submerged rock killing all royalties and midshipmen aboard it. It was supposed to be the claiming of the throne of the young 17 year old William the Aetheling was unfortunately not been able to claim his throne in England and everything stated then off from there.

With The Plantagenets book, you should be able to learn who were the Plantegenets, their influence to what England is today, how they made great Kings and some worst in the line, and other interesting historical facts you never can believe of heard of. But before you can begin to read The Plantagenets Book online, I highly suggest you read more about The Plantagenets review given by some our friends at Amazon and GoodReads. Some of these reviews are just snippets are there are some The Plantagenets Book review that are uniquely lengthy. So check out what readers are saying about the book about the historical great and worst monarchs during the height of the rule of the Plantagenets.

Readers’ Review on The Plantagenets Book

I know the Tudors have received more attention in recent years than their predecessors, the Plantagenets, mainly due to a strange fascination with Henry VIII and his numerous wives, but I think that most people will find this overview of the Plantagenets equally fascinating and might even discover themselves believing, as I do, that the Tudors are merely a ragtag band of usurpers to the true kings and queens who built England. Wonderful overview. Highly Recommended!

– Jeffrey Keeten

This book gives you not only many personal insights into the lives of the monarch and his court but also the peasants who were continually being caught up in wars not of their making. They paid taxes, battled hunger,and high infant mortality they got slaughtered on the battlefield and at home if they were on the wrong side. When the Black Death reduced the number of skilled tradesmen to a few and they raised their rates the king legislated them down to pre plague rates. The sheer savagery with which the Plantagenets dealt with any opposition, noble, peasant, or on occasion another wayward Plantagenet is horrifying.

One quibble, the author has Henry de Bohun challenge Bruce to single combat before Bannockburn, all other books I have read from Prebble to Caroline Bingham aggree that Bohun charged the King without warning, the King riding a palfrey was somewhat outmatched, however, he managed to cleave the Knights head in two and win the following battle. Dan Jones has written an informative, entertaining, fast moving book you will not want to put down.

– Elizabeth R. Ash

If you think history is boring, you haven’t read Dan Jones! Jones takes you on a tour of the time and events of the early Plantagenet kings in a way that makes you feel like you’re reading fiction. A detail rich telling of the lives and events that shaped England. This book made me realize how many inaccuracies I had been led to believe. Reading this book gave me a new insight into the fascinating Plantagenet’s and a new appreciation of their history. A long, but very worthwhile read for anyone with an interest in the subject. Now onto the next book in the series.


How To Read The Plantagenets Online

Now that you know a little about The Plantagenets book and is now wanting to read it online, you got to listen first what I would like to say. If you are thinking that you can just read and download The Plantagenets Book all for free and illegally, then I think you can go somewhere and look for it. We highly respect the works and all of Dan Jones books and you can’t just steal his work for nothing. Don’t worry you can still read the book through AED as we can point you to where you can get the book legally. We also have a third party advertiser who can provide you with media registration where you can read The Plantagenets by Dan Jones book and other similar books with your subscription.

So if you love readingĀ  England’s history and specifically the era of the Plantagenets, then this is your chance! Just hit the Read Now button above this page to get started. And I know you will love reading the colorful history that The Plantagenets Book by Dan Jones has for you.

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