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Dan Brown’s Inferno Ebook Download is now available! Follow how Robert Langdon was able to piece out clues from old arts and relics and lead him to search for answers with his expertise and caught in a situation where things are getting complicated and out of his control. It revolves around the mystery of Dante’s Divine Comedy and leads to a fast paced, page turning action in the story. The Inferno by Dan Brown is a great read if you’re a fan of mystery plus suspense and a dash of awe and wonder. Read Robert Langdon’s exploit – download Dan Brown’s Inferno Ebook now!

Readers’ Review

I like a good scavenger hunt, and what Mr Brown basically does is this: Turn it into a novel. The fourth Langdon is still nice fun, and here is a recommendation for those who enjoy the genre: A Suitcase Full Of Blood (Berlin Noir) is very exciting and also incredibly funny.

The Lost Symbol was not so great, let’s be honest, but Robert Langdon is back on track now. Medieval literature, historic intrigue, ancient symbols (of course, what else would Langdon be there for), a secret organization and lots of codes are this book’s basic elements. The best part of it (in every sense) is set in Florence, birth place of poet Dante Alighieri. Langdon has got a new “assistant” in form of a clever and energetic female doctor. A sinister organization wants to kill them before they find out about the hidden clues in paintings and artefacts connected to Dante’s Inferno. Classic Brown and a rollercoaster for his fans – but just for them.

If there is something I have to criticise, it would be that Brown put a bit too much into it. Sometimes the book almost turns into a tourist guide, and not only that: In addition to the medieval theme it’s about biological terrorism, there are scifi elements and the idea of a new world order. Trying a bit too hard here to be exciting, I think, and eventually landing on the slightly absurd side. But we shouldn’t think too much about it, there are other writers for that.

– Angel

I just finished reading Inferno (I pre-ordered the Kindle version for $9.99 but now I see the price has increased – shame on Amazon or whoever is to blame for charging so much for an e-book!) and was not disappointed.

I know people are getting tired of the repetitive formula (not me), but in my opinion, if you want to read an entertaining book, turn to Dan Brown. If you want to read literature or something with more substance, then go for Jumpa Lahiri or other award-winning authors, because Dan Brown is not about to win any literary prizes any time soon. I bet many prize winners would love to have half of Brown’s books sales, though.

And don’t get me wrong: I love Mr. Brown’s books and have read them all many times because they are so entertaining. I don’t see that there’s a problem with an autor using a formula that has worked well for him before. I mean, Ken Follett tends to do the same thing in a few of his books, and I’ve never seen him get any heat for it, so why pick on Dan Brown?

Anyway, this is basically Brown’s formula: Langdon gets himself sucked into a situation to which he was called to provide his expert opinion; suddenly everything gets complicated and goes global; he finds himself traveling around the world looking for clues and gets to run around with an attractive woman at some point. That’s his basic premise.

– Maj

I’m a Dan Brown fan… I’ve read all of his works, not just the Robert Langdon series – Digital Fortress is probably my favorite work of his. Anyway, being a fan, I was excited to hear that he was coming out with a new book, had Inferno pre-ordered, and actually waited up until after midnight on release day so I could start it immediately keeping the next day free of commitments so I could dedicate it to reading. Sadly, the only thought that kept running through my head while reading was “Oh Dan, where is the heart!!?” :-/

I like Brown’s writing style despite the harsh critique it’s received. I enjoy how his books are layered with codes and mysteries, how they’re incredibly fast-paced & often surprising, & how he takes facts and then pulls and twists them like taffy as far as they’ll go without breaking to turn them into riveting fiction.

I don’t even mind the repeated format within the Robert Langdon series – professor and expert on symbology and iconography finds himself embroiled in the middle of a high-stakes mystery, teams up with an attractive, smart and capable foreign woman who helps fill in the gaps and challenges him, and the two cement alliances, skirt villains, and undergo a hair raising adventure to save the world’s (or the world itself).

– Michelle Olson

Snippet : INFERNO

I am the Shade.
Through the dolent city, I flee.
Through the eternal woe, I take flight.
Along the banks of the river Arno, I scramble, breathless … turning left onto Via dei
Castellani, making my way northward, huddling in the shadows of the Uffizi.
And still they pursue me.

Their footsteps grow louder now as they hunt with relentless determination. For years they have pursued me. Their persistence has kept me underground … forced me to live in purgatory … laboring beneath the earth like a chthonic monster. I am the Shade.

Here aboveground, I raise my eyes to the north, but I am unable to find a direct path to salvation … for the Apennine Mountains are blotting out the first light of dawn. I pass behind the palazzo with its crenellated tower and one-handed clock … snaking through the early-morning vendors in Piazza di San Firenze with their hoarse voices smelling of lampredotto and roasted olives. Crossing before the Bargello, I cut west toward the spire of the Badia and come up hard against the iron gate at the base of the stairs. Here all hesitation must be left behind.

I turn the handle and step into the passage from which I know there will be no return. I urge my leaden legs up the narrow staircase … spiraling skyward on soft marble treads, ,pitted and worn.

The voices echo from below. Beseeching.
They are behind me, unyielding, closing in.
They do not understand what is coming … nor what I have done for them!
Ungrateful land!

As I climb, the visions come hard … the lustful bodies writhing in fiery rain, the gluttonous souls floating in excrement, the treacherous villains frozen in Satan’s icy grasp. I climb the final stairs and arrive at the top, staggering near dead into the damp morning air. I rush to the head-high wall, peering through the slits. Far below is the blessed city that I have made my sanctuary from those who exiled me.

The voices call out, arriving close behind me. “What you’ve done is madness!” Madness breeds madness.

“For the love of God,” they shout, “tell us where you’ve hidden it!” For precisely the love of God, I will not.

I stand now, cornered, my back to the cold stone. They stare deep into my clear green eyes, and their expressions darken, no longer cajoling, but threatening. “You know we have our methods. We can force you to tell us where it is.”

For that reason, I have climbed halfway to heaven. Without warning, I turn and reach up, curling my fingers onto the high ledge, pulling myself up, scrambling onto my knees, then standing … unsteady at the precipice. Guide me, dear Virgil, across the void.

They rush forward in disbelief, wanting to grab at my feet, but fearing they will upset my balance and knock me off. They beg now, in quiet desperation, but I have turned my back. I know what I must do.

Beneath me, dizzyingly far beneath me, the red tile roofs spread out like a sea of fire on the countryside, illuminating the fair land upon which giants once roamed … Giotto, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Botticelli.

I inch my toes to the edge.

“Come down!” they shout. “It’s not too late!”

O, willful ignorants! Do you not see the future? Do you not grasp the splendor of my creation?
The necessity?

I will gladly make this ultimate sacrfice … and with it I will extinguish your final hope of finding what you seek. You will never locate it in time. Hundreds of feet below, the cobblestone piazza beckons like a tranquil oasis. How I long for more time … but time is the one commodity even my vast fortunes cannot afford. In these final seconds, I gaze down at the piazza, and I behold a sight that startles me. I see your face.

You are gazing up at me from the shadows. Your eyes are mournful, and yet in them I sense a veneration for what I have accomplished. You understand I have no choice. For the love of Mankind, I must protect my masterpiece. It grows even now … waiting … simmering beneath the bloodred waters of the lagoon that reflects no stars.

And so, I lift my eyes from yours and I contemplate the horizon. High above this burdened world, I make my final supplication. Dearest God, I pray the world remembers my name not as a monstrous sinner, but as the glorious savior you know I truly am. I pray Mankind will understand the gift I leave behind.

My gift is the future.
My gift is salvation.
My gift is Inferno.
With that, I whisper my amen … and take my final step, into the abyss.


Well, if the “Angels and Demons” has made controversy among many then why not read the sequel? Dan Brown Inferno Ebook is a must read for people wanting suspense thriller and detective themed books. Follow Robert Langdon’s adventure as he tries to solve the mystery coveted by the story of the “Divine Comedy”. Inferno should the priority of your readings.

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