Crippled America by Donald Trump

Crippled America by Donald Trump

Crippled America by Donald Trump is another interesting read. Donald Trump, a business magnate is firm to make America powerful once again. He stresses out that the system must be fixed and actions should be done. Not just any action but bold and tough. Reformation in the economic system, the crooks in the business world, the games politicians play, and impose assertive military actions. This is his blueprint to change America.

This book by Donald Trump is both loved and frowned by the American readers. The book outlines bringing back America to the American people. Shutting down entry of illegal immigrants and anything else that ruins the economy. Tough indeed. Needless to say, this is a very interesting read. If you want to download or read Crippled America by Donald Trump, then you have come to the right place.

Readers’ Review on Crippled America

Now I’ve got to be honest. This is my first review of any product online, and my fist time reading any book, let alone a political book since I graduated high school three years ago. I hate books, and I hate politics. But I owed myself, because I love Trump. I never thought in a million years someone would open my eyes to the world of politics, and make me actually understand what is actually happening to our country. I was completely blind to the fact that our country is in such dire shape prior to Trumps announcement that he is running for president, and oh is he running.

Since his announcement, I have been following his every move. Everyday I get online and search for anything, and everything Trump. Things such as videos of him speaking on the campaign trail, policy proposals on the VA, tax plans, and of course the debates. Oh how I love to watch him put politicians, and more recently moderators in their place, yes I’m talking to you MSNBC. You can’t Stump the Trump, he is on a whole other level when it comes to these talking heads. He can’t be bought, if you insult him he will K.O. you, and the liberal media can’t stand him. There’s a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” This pretty much sums up the Media vs. Trump scenario we have been seeing for the past four months. But I digress.

– Zack Reece

Bought the book. Haven’t read a book in years. Loved his “to the point” as he didn’t try to coddle or speak to the reader like a preschooler. He is down to earth and is very in touch with the middle class. When I first heard of him running, I laughed and even told friends who were talking about it that he was just playing games. All it took was his first speech that I heard and I truly realized that everything he talks about are the very things that I want in my next President. And one of the most important things is that he isn’t being bought and that he is running for the average American and not special groups. He doesn’t have 29 handlers and 43 speech writers. He is who he is and what you see is what you get – that’s gotta be the best trait I’ve seen in a politician in decades. I am now a daily follower of his rallies and news clips. Like many whom I’ve read comments from, I follow him with enormous interest and I look forward to the time that we can truly make our country great again.

– Steven Privitor

Trump’s blueprint for America is certainly on the right track and there are specifics laid out here. America is facing some very serious problems. We need a tough leader who isn’t a puppet for the special interest groups. Trump is using donors, as well as his own money to fund his campaign. Of course this does not sit well with the lobbyists and special interest groups looking to own the next President. The Washington Times reports the total debt stood at $10.6 when the president came into office and will hit $20 trillion as his term ends in 2017.

– JJ

How To Download Crippled America

If you want to download Crippled America by Donald Trump, you can easily do so by clicking the download bottom. It will then bring you to the download page where the details of the Crippled America book is shown. It includes the file size, author which of is Donald Trump and the file formats. With a single download, you should be able to get three books. These books are of the same title Crippled America by Donald Trump but in pdf, epub, and lit. So what you are waiting for? Go and get your book now.

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