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A Kingsbridge new series by Ken Follet, A Column of Fire will once again capture the hearts of the readers who are wanting to grab of this great book. Ken Follet’s A Column of Fire is about the turmoils of the middle ages between the opposing principles and conflicts between two religious bodies of that time. The Protestants and Catholics. But the class between these two religious sects are obviously affecting the love between two sould – Ned Willard and Margery Fitzgerald. These two never wanted anything in their life but to spend together in marriage and all of it is at stake.

Ned support the young monarch Princess Elizabeth who climbs into power to become a queen. Ned has to do his job to protect the queen against assassination plot and other acts of disorder. The whole of Europe are up against England and Ned has to do anything to protect the queen and her interests. What will then happen to his love Margery? Can love outweigh his obligation to his queen?

A Column of Fire by Ken Follet is an exciting new read about love, religion, monarchy, and honor. The revolutionary times of human history during the middle ages both has unimaginable grim and unparalleled expression of love. Ken Follet A Column of Fire book is truly an amazing read! You can check on the following A Column of Fire Review by our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

Readers’ Review on A Column of Fire Book

I expect sumptuous historical novels from Ken Follett and he definitely delivered again. The cast of villains and heroes is vast. This time the setting is time of Elizabeth I. She inherited the throne from her catholic sister Mary, much to the chagrin of the English Catholics. They would much rather have had a Catholic Queen, and many set their eyes on Mary, Queen of Scots.

– Tanja Berg

I know this period of history – Elizabethan England and France under Caterina de Medici and a series of her sons well, but Follett, as always, brings it alive with our favorite families of Kingsbridge. A gripping, entertaining, and instructive read, particularly today when the forces of extremism stalk us again.

– Jetam

I was asked to review this by Nudge and was thrilled 28 years ago I read the first book – Pillars of the Earth on holiday and was blown away. 18 years later saw the author then bring out the long awaited World without End and 10 years later I am sitting here with the third instalment. The book although a long time coming is worth the wait. I was given one of a limited edition numbered book proof of 1240.

– Jane

How To Download A Column of Fire Book

A Column of Fire book is the newest installment of the Kingsbridge Series that also has included the following books by Ken Follet.

  • The Pillars of the Earth
  • World Without End

These books were great and a long awaited installment is finally here. I know that you are looking for A Column of Fire PDF Book and sure is we have the best recommendation where you can get it legitimately. You may also want to share to your Facebook friends about this book and of course you can read the book online through our third party advertiser.

If you’re a true fan of Ken Follet, then I highly suggest you read this book entitled A Column of Fire.

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