Clifton Chronicles Book 6 : Cometh The Hour

Clifton Chronicles Book 6 eBook

Excited to read the Clifton Chronicles Book 6 : Cometh The Hour? Well here it is! Jeffrey Archer’s most anticipated book finally here. This is the sixth book of the Clifton Chronicles Series. This is not a book to be missed as this is another New York Times best seller along with the other 4 published books of the Clifton Chronicles Books.

The unpredictable twists and turns are the most exciting of Jeffrey Archer’s stories. His writing genius is unmatched by any other thriller writers today. Exciting, mysterious, and unexpected. These three words best describe the latest work of Jeffrey Archer. Enjoy reading Clifton Chronicles Book 6 : Cometh The Hour.

Readers’ Review on Clifton Series Book 6 : Cometh The Hour

Jeffrey Archer completes volume six of the Clifton Chronicles. I’ve been a big fan of Archer’s books, especially this series “The Clifton Chronicles.” Having read the other five, I was anxiously awaiting volume six. I was lucky enough to receive an an advance reader’s copy of this sixth volume. I wasn’t disappointed, since it just keeps getting better.

This picked up, where volume five of the Clifton Chronicles left off, with its own cliffhanger. Archer daftly gave us enough of the previous background, to remind you of the details of the last volume. This volume accurately proceeds to follow the Cliftons and the Barringtons, throughout the 1970’s, and brings us to yet another cliffhanger.

– Carbonlord

Very easy reading and hard to put down. It is nice to see a book where you don’t have to wait until the last page for the good guys to prevail. My only complaint about this book is that it did not preface the story with a short summary of what went before like the prior two books did. It took me about 50 pages for me to recall the relationships etc. since the prior book in the series was read a year ago.

– Lawrence L. Blacker

It is so disappointing when you finish the last page! I have loved every one of these books in the Clifton Chronicles and waited with baited breath for the next instalment. Guess we have to wait until the end of this year to read the concluding part. I just love Mr Archers novels, not just this series, but everything he has written, I have devoured them all! Don’t ever retire Jeffrey.

– Wendy

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To download Clifton Series Book 6 : Cometh the Hour is just so easy. Just hit the green download button at the top of this page and there will be a short verification then the download automatically begins. With just a single download, you should be able to get three book in one title but in three different formats. The formats of the books included in this download are PDF, ePub, and MOBI. So don’t hesitate and go get your download of the Clifton Series Book 6 : Cometh The Hour today!

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