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Chess Problems PDF is a book on chess puzzles that can help your chess tactical play. There are 1000 chess problems to solve for games of the old masters like Capablance, Alekhine, to Kasparov and Kramnik. The chess problems provided are a mix of material and positional advantage and occasional mating nets and attacks. Solving chess problems daily will significantly increase your chess tactics and attacking instinct. You can get this book for free at

If you are looking for a way to get chess problems pdf for free, then this is definitely the right place. There are other chess books download in pdf, epub, mobi, and lit available here. Learn basic to master class of tactical play by solving the chess problems provided in the book.

Readers Review on Chess Problems PDF

With 1200 problems in its collection, this book looks like another quantity-over-quality compilation at first. Not so. From the first page on, I was immensely impressed by the author’s careful selection and ordering of these puzzles. Not only are they challenging, but they are also all from actual competitive games, most of which occurred in tournaments of the last decade. Basically, the author condensed these tournaments to their most exciting moments and presented these highlights for the readers to enjoy, one after another. As a bonus, the year, the tournament and the players are all listed, so it is quite straightforward to look them up in a database and find out how any game ended up in the particular situation.

– M. Wang

Yes, there are other books on chess tactics. But I like this one. The problems are not too difficult, and they feel like the sorts of positions that one might not only come across in a game, but ones in which one would actually be looking for the kinds of combinations that work here. I like the fact that the reader is not warned what the theme is of the various combinations.

– Jill Malter

Richard Pallisar has done a good job!! The good points and the book layout have been mentioned by another reviewer. I just want to make a few words that, to master tactics, one has to do them everyday so that those typical motifs are engraved in your memory, but the problem as mentioned in this book’s editorial, is that is there enough puzzles for solving for a considerable period of time. I think this book, with Combinative motifs, Sharpen your tactics, Manual of combination 2 and 3, along with 1000 combination gems you should know, would keep you busy at least 2 – 3 years and one tactical vision as well as the rating would improve as well. I strongly recommend this book!!!

– Wan Koon Yat

How To Download Chess Problems PDF

It’s very easy to download Chess Problems PDF here. Just hit the green download button above and you should be able to get the book on Chess Puzzles right away. And the best part? With just a single download of the Chess Problems PDF, you should be able to get three formats namely pdf, epub, and mobi. So that means you wouldn’t be having any problem reading the book with your device.

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