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There are a lot of women empowerment and feminism books are floating everywhere but Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage book tops them all. Although I often publicly express my appreciation for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie‘s work, Eloquent Rage lays down the principles of feminism in a clear, academic tone rather than that of a neo-feminist. A good collection of essays that let’s women : especially those that are labeled as “colored” must redirect or re-channel their anger positively. Your energy of rage is useful to preserve your being a black woman by refusing to be silent, ignored, humiliated, or made a fool.

Although Feminism comes predominantly from the whites, Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper fills the hole that the black and other color women must deserve to have equal treatment. She gave examples of situations where despite a lot are recognizing the movement, black women often have less respect received than the white feminist counterparts. It is an enlightening read not only for women but for men alike. Her conversation with her grandmother was changing to her. Hearing her grandmother made her realize that plainly being a feminist is not enough to make positive changes. Your anger or rage should be the fuel to let you strive to be the best in what you do. Much like the other black women icons like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Beyonce, and others.

I don’t know I described this feminism book equally teasing and unbiased, but you can always check how other readers find the book by reading the following Eloquent Rage reviews taken from both Amazon and GoodReads.

Eloquent Rage Review

I think some people are going to have difficulty swallowing these essays because they’re probably going to make you uncomfortable. I felt a little uncomfortable while reading this, but in a good way, because books like these force you to ask important questions of both yourself and society. A lot of people think that if something makes them uncomfortable, it is “bad” and I’m sure there’s going to be a number of reviewers saying, “Oh boy, another book attacking white people, how racist!” But the thing is, this book isn’t attacking white people. It is a book that condemns people, some of whom happen to be white, who continue to omit black women from feminist and progressive dialogues. The anger is justified, and, yes, eloquent, and serves as a call to action to change that.

– Nenia

Dear white women: Can we talk? Eloquent Rage is an important read. As a woman, some of it will resonate with you. As a white person, some of it will make you feel uncomfortable. Lean into the discomfort, consider this perspective, and I think you will learn from it as I did. This book is brutally honest, written with humor and grace, without straying from its intellectual underpinnings.

– Mary Sicola

A powerful and moving essay collection that will appeal to fans of Roxane Gay and Audre Lorde. Brittney Cooper writes about an array of cultural, personal, and political topics from the perspective of a black feminist. She addresses respectability politics and rage, friendship between black women, the 2016 collection, neoliberalism and the myth of exceptionalism, and more. One of her most impressive feats in this collection: she wields a writing voice that is intelligent and incisive and academic, that also comes across as real and relatable. A quote from a fantastic section of the book about rage vs. respectability:

Overall, an excellent essay collection I would recommend to anyone interested in feminism, human rights, and social justice. While some sections felt a little circuitous, Cooper’s heart and wisdom won me over every time. Cooper is unapologetic in how she centers black women in her analyses and that makes Eloquent Rage an all the more worthwhile and necessary read.

– Thomas

Eloquent Rage Book Download

So many books on feminism and most probably you are excited to turn the pages of Eloquent Rage pdf but let me stop first from there. Let me give you my thoughts about the book by Brittney Cooper. What strikes me with how the book is written is that it straightforward, heartfelt, non-apologetic, but intelligent and academic. Not like any other feminism books that attacks the society to want or need or even to emerge superior than whatever the principle of the movement is. It’s not a neo-feminism book but just a call of feminism to the fellow white feminists.

White feminists may have adequate rights but the colored women almost always have way less. That’s what Brittney Cooper is trying to let us see the big hole of the movement. Awareness among feminists. A highly recommended book for the “intelligent” feminists. Okay you probably are expecting now to get Brittney Cooper’s Eloquent Rage book, let me clear things out that we highly respect and support the works of the author and her publisher. That’s why a sponsored service is offered to you so you can read Eloquent Rage online or perhaps download it to your mobile device for a minimal fee. If in any way you want and alternative, we also have provided an Amazon link to the book so can purchase it straight from there. So what are you waiting for? Go get and read Eloquent Rage Book by Brittney Cooper now.

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