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If you are serious about learning about to reach financial freedom, the Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor PDF is a must read for you. Yes it is a reprint from an original published book in 1949. Although some contents of the book like the companies mentioned and other stocks related topics are outdated as a lot of things has changed specially in today’s digital age. However, The Intelligent Investor Book will give you a solid understanding how to choose the right company to invest in by reading and analyzing how a particular company will fair with the economic changes.

To some, it is a surprise that one of the worlds best investor Warren Buffet regard this book as the best book ever written about investment. They said that the book may contain significant information about stock market investing even if it has been written for so many decades ago. There are footnotes written by a financial journalist Jason Zweig and a lot of readers find it even easier, and simpler to understand.

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham pdf gives you an idea about market behavior and able to differentiate risk and reward. He also tries to draw the line to the different types of investor and how to choose a safe and promising investment in long terms. The principles the Benjamin Graham wants to share is to let readers become smarter in investing by giving thorough strategies that is applicable even in today’s market.

It is an essential and indispensable book about investment one should have. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is your arsenal to equip you before beginning to invest. Financial education is really important and the book by Benjamin Graham The Intelligent Investor PDF will give you a strong foundation in investing. Before you want to read the book or even download it, we highly encourage you to read the following  The Intelligent Investor review from our friends at Amazon and GoodReads.

Readers’ Review on The Intelligent Investor Book

To be honest, the commentary and footnotes of this book were more useful to me than the original content. The book in its original form is obviously outdated in terms of the specific examples it gives for ways to invest and the different companies it details. However, the commentary by Jason Zweig draws from the fundamental messages behind the book to provide more up-to-date advice on how to invest. Undoubtedly, Benjamin Graham provided the foundation for the commentary with his book, but I personally found Zweig’s portions easier to read and relate to.

I’d recommend The Random Walk Guide to Investing: Ten Rules for Financial Success for a simpler, more straight-forward alternative to this book. It’s not that I wouldn’t advise anyone to read The Intelligent Investor, it’s just that if you don’t have the time to plod your way through Graham’s outdated details, either skip straight to the commentary, or check out Malkiel’s book. You won’t go wrong either way, and you definitely won’t go wrong if you want to try and read this thing in its entirety. It was just difficult for me to do so.

– Tim Chang

Loving this book! I’ve been filling the margins with notes and comments. I love how the original information was timeless in the first place, and the updated commentary just helps to solidify the theories and concepts in the changes of the market today. It’s not a buy this and sell that book. It’s more of a think about these things before you buy or sell and keep your goals, short term and long, in sight for every decision. I’m seeing excellent ways to remove emotion from the investing process.

– Failtelorn

I enjoyed this book, for two reasons. First, it gives us the accumulated wisdom of one of the best investors ever in our markets. Second, the annotations by Zweig provide some updated historical context, so that we can see how the environment has changed. Graham’s central point is to invest in such a way as to maintain a margin of safety against killing losses, and he outlines some methods for doing that for both defensive and enterprising investors. My main, but small, complaint is that the stories and case studies run on too long for my taste and tend to be somewhat dated, but the fundamental principles he describes are still sound.

– Manik Sukoco

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