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A great war themed historical fiction that is based on true events – Beneath A Scarlet Sky book written by Mark T. Sullivan. Read it online or download it as a pdf, epub, or any format that best suites your ebook reader – you surely will love this book. This Mark T. Sullivan book will soon become a major motion picture and a lot of people are already anticipating for Beneath A Scarlet Sky movie. Well, we got to wait for it to hit the theaters but first let us talk more about Beneath A Scarlet Sky book pdf.

So what is this book by Mark T. Sullivan about? It was war time and Pino Lella was just any other 17 year old Italian teen who basks in music, food, and women. But things changed when the bombs started to fall over Milan – his beloved home. To spare him for the clasp of the Nazis and the bombardment and occupation, his parent sent him to mountains to the north specifically to Casa Alpina. He then became and aide of the priest, Father Re in his dangerous missions of transporting the escaping Jews to safety in neutral Switzerland.

There at the mountains, he braved the wild and rugged terrains just to guide the Jewish refugees to cross the Swiss borders. It was a difficult task but Pino endured all those things and then he met Anna, a widow who was 6 years the elder inspired Pino to push himself to help the escaping Jews.

After serving for a year he came back to Milan. Unfortunately, his parents wanted him to voluntarily join the German army rather than be forcefully enlisted and be assigned in the front lines. It was difficult for him but that was the only choice he must take. He then was assigned to become a driver of a high ranking German general – Hans Leyers. A mysterious and powerful left-hand of Adolf Hitler in Italy. The role that was given to him was an advantage to become a spy for the Allies.  A task so dangerous that one has to be bold and courageous to accept.

Spoiling the whole story isn’t good so I think this Beneath a Scarlet Sky summary should be enough for you. This Mark T. Sullivan book depicts love, courage, forgiveness, and resilience, despite of the atrocities of one of man’s darkest hours. I know that you are looking for the Beneath A Scarlet Sky Audiobook but I highly suggest that reading Beneath A Scarlet Sky pdf book is way better. It might be just a personal choice but a lot really prefers to read first then listen to the audiobook version. Also, it should be noteworthy to check Beneath A Scarlet Sky review from our friends at GoodReads and Amazon below.

Beneath a Scarlet Sky Review

Truly remarkable, the divergence of opinions on this book on Goodreads. It seems that little has been written about Mussolini’s fascist Italy during WWII. Mark Sullivan’s novel is based on the true story of teenager Pino Lella’s experiences in war-torn Milan, and Sullivan clearly did extensive research, but was surprised that Mussolini’s heinous fascist crimes were completely ignored: Mussolini was wrongly portrayed as a victim. On the other hand, he made you feel you were actually in Milan and the Italian Alps with his descriptive writing.

– Skip

An amazing epic story of Pino Lella, a true war hero whose story was forgotten and marginalized by history. Based on true events occurring in Italy during WWII, Sullivan skillfully brings to life an enthralling period of the past to the contemporary reader and awakens our curiousity to some of the actual happenings in Italy in the last days of the war. Well researched and written, the book is a must-read to all historical fiction fans.

– Sarah Hodeib

This book ranks right up there with “The Nightingale,” and “All the Light We Can Not See.” I think it surpasses them. The book is about Pino, a 17 year-old boy in Italy during the German War. This book will make you love and hate the characters. You will fall in love with Pino and his family. He lives through things no 17 year-old boy should have to witness. The characters will stay with you long after you turn the last page. Well done Mr. Sullivan. Buy this book.

– Mary (MarBear)

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