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Here’s another psychological thriller that is comparable to the Gone Girl, Behind Her Eyes book by Sarah Pinborough is a must read. A real page turner that hooks one to read Behind Her Eyes in one sitting. The Sarah Pinborough’s book tells about Louise who was lonely and isolated being a single mom who apparently met a handsome guy in a bar. Of course, sparks fluttered but it was momentary as David left the bar with no promise reigniting the short lived romance. However, things lit up a little hope when Louise knew that her new boss was that hot handsome man she met at the bar – David. But David is married to a complicated and beautiful woman named Adele. Her obvious feelings for David must be suppressed to save his marriage with Adele. But out of Louise sympathetic nature, befriended Adele – a bold and dangerous decision to make indeed!

Soon after, she discovers how the marriage of the couple is strange and mysterious. Louise dragged herself deeper in the hole when her secret separate relationship with both David and Adele is consuming her. Her curiosity and unwittingly naive nature makes her a target of being manipulated or else otherwise? Well I don’t like to spoil the story for you. Behind Her Eyes Book surely deserves to have the hashtag #WTFHateEnding or #WTFEnding as the twist is unbelievably strange and unexpected. There’s no reason to delay getting Behind Her Eyes book by Sarah Pinborough and start this gripping psychological suspense thriller book. It sure is in the top of our favorites for 2017 thriller book list! And of course, it wouldn’t be complete if you are unable to check some of Behind Her Eyes reviews from the readers of Amazon and Goodreads. You may check some of them below.

Readers’ Review on Behind Her Eyes Book

Oh dear, well…….. let me just say this is very inventive, very imaginative, but just couldn’t go there. A little too much for me, too twisty, too much back and forth. Who is telling the truth? Nothing ever certain, even if you think you know. Dislikable characters to boot, well except for little Adam, who is actually a minor character. Loved her last book, but this one, can’t say I enjoyed. Though I know many loved it and many more will.

– Diane S.

This one kept me on my toes more than Gone Girl without a doubt! Just when I thought I had figured out what was going on, the book would take another turn. Even though it started off a little slow, it quickly became one of those books that you definitely arent able to put down once you start. Definitely a good read, highly recommend!

– Amazon Customer

I have a hard time suspending disbelief at the best of times in books and therefore stay away from novels where fantasy or magic realism play a role but I do like a good well written Psychological thriller and have read a couple this year that I really enjoyed. While Behind Her Eyes is unique and well written and there is no doubt the author holds your attention throughout but I did find a find myself having to seriously suspend disbelief and there was a lot of eye rolling not to mention a couple of choice words mouthed close to the end of the book for reasons that are best left unsaid.

I would probably have rated the book 4 stars for suspenseful and original plot, great character development but what a let down the belief element was. I know I am in the minority on this one and so many readers have loved it but this is just my reaction to the book.

I listened to this one on audio and the narration was excellent.

An enjoyable read just not one for my favourites list.

– Dem

This psychological thriller is filled with twists, turns and building tension. I was quickly pulled into the story and could not put the book down. Sarah Pinborough has delivered a fun and suspenseful read!

– Suzanne Leopold

How To Download Behind Her Eyes Book

There just too much buzz about the book Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. And of course I know that you are looking to download the book for free but I highly encourage you to buy Behind Her Eyes book legitimately instead. We strongly support this authors and they deserve their royalties. Anyhow, if you want to learn more about the download details of Behind Her Eyes ebook, you click the green download button to get started. A new page shall open where the details of the said book can be found. The title Behind Her Eyes, the author Sarah Pinborough, the formats namely pdf, epub, and azw, and other details can be found. A service is also provided so you can check and read the book comfortably online using your device. So there you go, go ahead and read Behind Her Eyes book by Sarah Pinborough today!

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