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Before We Were Yours Book by Lisa Wingate is one of the most loved publications in 2017. Read it online or download the book, you should enjoy this thought-provoking and gut wrenching story of the truth behind adoption organization of the past. The book Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate is inspired by the true story of how children were sent to good families for adoption but things aren’t what they seem to be.

Now I think it is best to just give you a very short Before We Were Yours summary to at least give you some overview of the book before you decide to buy or read the book online. Here it is.

It was 1939 and the 5 Foss children were living a beautiful life in a boat shanty down in Memphis. However, there was a day when their Dad was forced to take his wife to the hospital. With only Rill Foss as the eldest of the siblings, a concerned adoption organization prompted to take the Foss children for a temporary care and promised to return them to the father once things come to place. They were then brought to the Tennessee Children’s Home Society orphanage were they thought they will be taken good care of.

But to Rill’s surprise, their fate isn’t what was promised. Under the leadership of the cruel director, Rill must fight to keep her brothers and sisters together. The orphanage was plainly a guise that sought children and sold them to celebrities, politicians, wealthy families, for profit. It was indeed human trafficking and it was a dreaded and grim truth. Rill and her siblings must survive and stay together – no matter how hard and to whatever it may cost.

Present day at Aiken, South Carolina, Avery Stafford living as a privileged prosecutor with a lavish wedding at the horizon. She returns home to help her father weather a health crisis. Having to discover some old photographs, Avery finds herself confused with the story of lies and truth about her respected family. She needs to find and uncover the truth, along with her quest she also questioned the man her family picked as her husband.

Well I don’t want to spoil you more! Just like any of the New York Times Best Sellers that we featured, we only give you the teaser of the said Lisa Wingate book. Before We Were Yours Book is truly a heart warming story of history, betrayal, memories, love, and staying home to your heart. The story of Before We Were Yours is told in the perfectly blended past-future scenes that will let you grip hard on your book and wanting to read it in one sitting! So here’s what others say about the book and you can also check this Before We Were Yours review down below.

Before We Were Yours Review

I absolutely loved this heartbreakingly beautiful piece of writing! I’d give this book 10 stars if I could! “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate grabbed me from the very beginning, tossed my emotions around like a salad, and never let go! I didn’t want it to end.

I listened to the audio version! Both narrators deserve huge props for their performances! I actually think this novel was enhanced by the superb narration!

– Jennifer Masterson

I couldn’t tear myself away from this novel. I needed to know the ending; I needed to know how the stories were connected. It didn’t take long to feel like you knew the characters in the story personally. My head and heart have been wrapped up in this story from the beginning. Heartbreaking – and yet shines the power on love and the bonds of sisterhood. Bravo!

– Jennifer Cheff

This book spans generations, alternating between present-day and the past. The “past” story is narrated by the oldest Foss sibling, Rill (aka May). Avery Stafford, a former federal prosecutor and the daughter of a prominent Senator, tells the present-day story. Gradually, the two storylines intersect and the connection comes to light.

The fictional story of the five Foss children parallels the real life experiences of hundreds of victims of Georgia Tann’s illegal adoption agency, the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. The children are stolen from their family’s riverboat one night in 1939. Their parents have to go to the hospital due to complications with their mother’s pregnancy and childbirth. Left alone, the children are taken by corrupt police officers working for the notorious child trafficker.

– Candace

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